I hate my parents

You might say that I'm selfish or whatever, but I f****** hate my parents. You have no idea how hard I've tried to love them, but I can't. They're cruel sadists and the only thing that they're set out to do is ruin my life.
My mother constantly degrades me and tells me I'm fat and such. She loves my little brother and my cousins in Russia far more than she will ever love me. I can tell that she thinks I'm stupid. She hates me because I like learning about the Nazis. Not because they're Nazis, but because they're not Armenian. I have absolutely nothing against Armenians, in fact I love them, but that's all my mom cares about. If I even slightly take pride in my Germanness, she freaks out.
My father.... Don't even get me started with him. He yells at me all the time even when I don't do anything. I trusted him with everything, even when I cut myself, and he still treats me like garbage. He always told me to stand up for myself to bullies, but when I stand up for myself when he yells at me, he threatens me and calls me a 13-year-old b****. And don't get me started on how he treats my brother.
Today, I slipped and fell. It was a complete accident. My parents never have abused me before. My mother freaked out and said that I was stupid, and my father came out and yelled at me. I yelled back, and he called me a b****.
They've done this to me all my life. I've grown to be afraid of my father, and I'm so afraid of what my parents will do to my brother when I move out.
I've contemplated running away to live with my mother's family in Armenia, because they treat me better than anyone. Then, I'd get out of this miserable country of America, where everything is corrupted.
I only have 1,611 days left of this s***. I don't think I can take a day more.

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  • If you run away and become a fugitive, take me along as well.


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