Could i be pregnant?

I have recently been seeing this boy, he is fourteen and i am thirteen. and last week we had s**, he messed up the condom so we did it without, he was very careful not to c** in me. the next day i went to get the morning after pill. Two days later we did the same thing, only this time i didnt take the pill. I am now on my period, however im scared that i may be pregnant as my b****** have got larger and they have a dark ring arround them and also have some line going through the middle. i am scared and have no one to talk to... how likely is it that i am pregnant ? :s

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  • Stop worrying of course ur not pregnant u can only get pregnant if a boy comes nside u a few times one f*** is safe

  • You're an idiot, an a disgrace to your parents. S***. Remember, the highest percentage of serial killers and retarted babies are born to girls under 15. Good luck with that.

  • I should probably examine you to be sure.

  • Oh....dear. No, you're not pregnant, but as many are saying, you are being dumb. Stop having s** until you fully understand how it works.

  • Your a f****** idiot, go back to school and get off the f****** internet for about 6 months to learn a f****** thing or two... christ...

  • You're not pregnant but like the person said above, you are not prepared.

  • If you only had s** a week ago you would have no signs of pregnancy this early.

  • pretty f****** likely...

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