He contagied me

I only had s** with my current boyfriend, but he had 7 previous sexual partners. Before we started sleeping together (not even really f******, we did pass trough a stage where we only slept together without really doing it) we talked about our sexual life. He didn't mention any particular situation or anything relevant about it, so we moved forward and started having s** eventually.
We used condoms at first but I gotta say I definitely felt the difference once he put it in/out.. Gosh, was heaven! We moved in together so we started doing it all time, I guess he was relieved I agreed the no-condom intercourse and I started taking the pill.
The following 2 years I've been using the pill and your s** was still mind blowing. However, not long ago I realized there were some unusual bumps near my v lips.. My first impression was.. STD?? They were too small and just a few , like 5 or so, I was worried but I was sure my boyfriend was clean (since I'm his only sexual partner) and I have had s** only with him... Since they didn't disappeared after 3 months the STD possibility I denied became stronger.
One day, I just faced my boyfriend, asked him if by any chance he maybe forgot to tell me any unusual situation he passed trough any STD. I'm confident in our relationship, I know he never cheated on me, that's something I can be totally positive about, that's why I asked thinking in past. Well, he just forgot to tell me about "a not important incident his ex passed"... Well she got some weird bumps on her genitalia and they said it was HPV, he didn't think it was something to tell so he just waited for my question to tell me about this.
So the fact is he was infected by the time I met him, we had s** without a damn condom for more than a year and I got this f****** virus now. I feel so damn stupid, I know nobody will ask you if you have a f****** STD expecting you say you do, but come on!!! I can understand if it's a one night stand, maybe there's not real pressure to be honest but I'm his girlfriend for over 2 years, it's absurd to believe he was so ignorant to just don't know he had HPV!!
It's a s***** situation, now we can't have s** without condoms and gotta receive some treatment... Thank you for getting me this s***, sweetie

Jan 13, 2015

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  • Men are f****** stupid when it comes to std's. At the end of the day they are really only worried about getting a girl pregnant and deny the rest exists until proven otherwise. My husband had an std before we met but of course I'm the woman having to do all the birth control planning so I found out at the clinic.

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