This letter is for D,

I know you have feelings for me and they're strong but I can't take another step toward you. You're a great man. I know you feel like you owe me when you say "you saved my life." Frankly, it was nice seeing you overcoming through depression. You deserved it! You deserve to live a happy life and remain happy. I was surprised at the sudden change that occurred within you. You're giving me credit for it, but I honestly have nothing to do with it. Give yourself a credit because you've always had "that" strength to come out of negative phase you've always wanted to get out of. I never knew how much your marriage has affected you internally. Your wife is truly lucky to have you in her life but even if we want to take this any direction it'll always have an ending to it. I understand your wife didn't deserve the loyalty, but honestly you deserved to stay true to yourself. I'd never want you to look back and look at yourself as a cheater. Don't give yourself another chance to fall into the trap of guilt trip. Start a new chapter. I'm not sure what's going on in your married life, but I understand how much your kids mean to you. I also understand you can't deter yourself from feeling certain way toward me but I feel so ashamed by saying this but I wish I never met you. If it wasn't for my presence, you would've never developed feelings for me. Every single time you see me with those loving eyes I get intimidated by them because they remind me of how much they want me. I know you've been wanting to hear from me but I can't talk to you anymore. It saddens me to say that for the first time in my life someone right has developed feelings toward me but it's so wrong to even consider it right. No matter how much we try to make it right, it'll never going to happen. I don't think I would've dated you even if you were single. I just can't because those eyes are encouraging me into fall for you, but I won't allow myself to. I can't do this to you and myself. I'm extremely sorry. But I'm happy to have come across someone like you. I hope I marry a man like you in the future because I know he'll always keep me happy.

Take care D.

I'm going to leave this letter here for you to read. Please try to move on and never contact me again. I care for you too and have no desire to see you heartbroken. See good in this. I'm one of those woman in your life who came to show you life in a different perspective and nothing more. Life will go on whether we want it to or not.


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  • That was touching. It's hard not to respect your feelings and your ability to thoughtfully articulate them.
    I felt toxic nostalgia.
    D has a wife and more importantly children that he has made a commitment to. You deserve a free ride on the good karma train that matches your inner strength.

  • Feelings don't control me; I control my feelings. I never let myself fall for someone who's already taken. I'm not that kind of a woman. I know I deserve better and I will settle for the best! (:

    - Writer

  • Well DK is fixing to have a bad day after reading this

  • I'm sorry.

  • This letter is for D.K.

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