I want to kill my step dad

So my mum has been dating this guy for like 8 years and they are always breaking up and then getTing back together! I HATE HIM soo much and he is also an alcholic and smoker! recently they had a really bad breakup and i thought that it would be the end of them :) but they got back together!!!!
a few weeks after being together again they decided to move in together as well as his horrible messy stupid son. he dosent earn a lot of money and his kid got supended from school. anyways so now hes going to my school...which is private and is taking my room! >:(
anyways so i was so p***** about the whole situation that i kind of blew out and my step dad got the message and said he didnt want to move in....my mother made me feel so bad about the whole situation that i called him, apoligised and now hes moving in again!
then the other day when my mum was picking me up form school she told that she and him were engadged! like f****** getting married! :0
and were now renovating my house and the plans are so horrible and are all in favour of my new step f****** brother! hate them all so much! not to mention on my dads side he and his new gold digging wife, her daughter and mother just moved in with him...and the daughter actually took my bedroom...like i dont even have a room there anymore!...ut thats a whole noter story! f*** i acutlly googgled how to kill your step dad! and this is how i came up with this weeksite!


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  • Our situation is kinda similar but mine is worst so my mom have been with my step dad for 7 years !!!!!! I'm recently staying With my Mom And Thats When My Life Started To Be Worthless. My Mom Has 2 Sons For Him And Since Then My Life Got Even Worst . I Have To Clean Up After There Mess And My Step Dad Doesn't Do nothing At All Only Time You See Him Sweeping The living Room is If My Mom ANd HIm Got Into A Fight So He Do That TO impress Her and As Soon AS Their Friends Again HE sits there ANd Do nothing. I Hate THis Son OF A B**** The Worst THing About It Is That My mom Gives Him ALL THe Attention IS LIke ME ANd My Little Sister IS Not Her Child Is Like We Were Adopted are something Idk i'm starting TO Dislike Her I Just Wonna Live WIth My Grandma Again Life Was Better THen Or If Not I will Have TO KIll Him !!!!

  • I think you should put some bleach in his drink or v

  • Why don't you get a job so u can move out , no need to stick around n suck on mama titty , seems like someone took that job over ., gonna be time for you move out soon, start getting your s*** together n also maybe get a gf , you sound like you depend on your mother to much , get between some girls legs so you why your new step father sticks around ,

  • Calm down man, you should talk about how you feel. i know it sounds girlish for you but it may resolve everything, you might even become friends with him

  • My best friend and I felt like that about her step-mom when we were kids. The good thing is, we didn't do it. You'd ruin your own life for a piece of s***, in all likelihood, you wouldn't get away with it. It doesn't seem true while it's happening, but time goes fast, and soon, you will be on your own and able to get away from your family without actually killing any of them.

  • No need to murder anyone. Just do pranks on him all the time that will make you feel better! Like sticking his tooth brush in the toilet... watch movies to get ideas! ;) <3

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