In Love with 2 Men...

I am in love with 2 men at the same time.

My DH who I've been with since I was 16 (I'm 36 now), and I guy I went to school with when I was 20. We recently got back in contact, and he was as passionate as I remembered him. We never actually went out back in the day, but we messed around a little bit. I found out he had loved me back then, worshiped me as a goddess, then and now. It's stunning to me how he thinks about me, even after we've been apart for 15 years.

He is also amazing in bed.

DH and I love each other very much and have been to h*** and back together, and I would never leave him, but I need passion in my life too.

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  • It's obvious to me and makes plain sense that two c ocks are better than one.

    Shut your mouth and put a c ock in it. I don't know what the prob is, seriously.

  • I love my two men too. My DH as you call him, with whom I’ve been since I was 14 (I’m 52 now) and a guy I met in college when I was 18 to 22. We recently got in contact and we chat almost every day. He lives abroad. We never formally went out back in college but we slept together sometimes. It’s amazing how he turns me on when we chat. He invited me to a symposium he was a lecturer and I spent a week with him. We had a lot of fun, he made me laugh all the time and he was amazing in bed. My husband told me to invite him over.

  • Does your husband know you had an affair?

  • He knows we messed around when I was out of town in college. He understood back in the day and forgave me. This time I told him we had a good time but I omitted details.

  • You need to sit down think who you really want to be with okay. Please let us know how things turned outfor you.

  • I loved the show when Charlie Sheen was on it but Ashton Kutcher can f*** right off.

    BTW it's two AND A HALF men.

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