A Dream That Will Never Come True

I'm 11 and my mom and dad tell me I'm a good singer and I once recorded myself then played it over to ear it and I didn't sound to bad. At school I was singing a song under my breath then a bunch of people started insulting me until I was on the floor crying with my back against the wall. I'm to shy to put any on YOUTUBE or to enter a talent show so I really don't know what to do.

Sep 15, 2012

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  • First, stop worrying over it. And don't let people at school or otherwise (who may have unknown agendas or jealousies) make you feel bad. Then, join the choir at school or church, or both, or join a children's community chorus, and sing every chance you get. Start that process TODAY. That will help you learn to read music (if you don't already know how) and, more importantly, develop your confidence in singing. The more you sing, the better you'll get at it and the better you'll sound and the more you'll enjoy it. It doesn't matter what type of repertoire you sing in these choirs, or how good or bad it is: it's just the exposure to music and to singing that is the point and the benefit. But here's the real reason for joining choirs in YOUR case: it will put you in the presence of music teachers and conductors who should know good singing, and if you're actually good, they'll tell you, probably without your having to ask. And they'll encourage you and put you in positions where you can be highlighted, as a soloist or part of a duet, trio or other smaller group, where your individual skill will percolate to the top. Those teachers and conductors will be able to tell you if you have exceptional talent or if you should just be satisfied to sing in a group or some other particular form. Whatever you do, enjoy the music, AND GOOD LUCK!

  • Maybe stop singing . Or try practicing by yourself where no one can hear you .. ..

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