Im so mad and i dont know why. . . i dont know why but when i see this guy i get so mad. his presence just p*** me off, i dont know why. today i totally told him off (im a freshmen and he is a sophomore) and it seems like i hurt him, or he just got really annoyed .___. but i feel so horrible, i didnt have a reason to yell at him. Im so stupid, im short tempered and im such a douche. i have no respect and have too much pride.
well this guy starts to tell his friends about how i "yelled" at him, and they seem 'cool' i guess, but i feel like they all hate me or somethin, wich i totally get. they dont have a reason not to. what i did was unneeded and was totally unacceptable. so i really dont care. i deserve people hating me. I want to say sorry but i dont know how. this guy is also cocky, and prideful (like me) so hes probably just gonna be a douche about it. but i still feel like i should say sorry, i dont care how he reacts...i just want to say sorry. i know what i did wrong, and i want to make things right. if he doesnt want to accept it then i totally understand. if i was him i would probably do the same thing.
for some reason i couldnt even tell this to my best friend .____. so i decided to say it here... im probably gonna come here more often.

Sep 18, 2012

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  • If this is your biggest problem, be thankful. Maybe you're jealous of him? You don't have figure that all out now. Takes some courage to admit that you were in the wrong and to make things right. Just go up to him and tell him you were having a bad day (he doesn't have to know the real reason) and not sure why you did it but that you're sorry.

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