Traumatized cat

I was alone in my girlfriends house with her cat. I was sat on the couch and felt a fart brewing. I thought it would be funny if I did it in the cat's face. So I got my a*** out, grabbed the cat's head and shoved its face right inbetween my cheeks, so its nose was literally touching my arsehole. Then I let rip. I could feel the cat writhing and struggling to get away, but I held it in place so it could get the full effect. When I let go it shot upstaires...I've never seen anything move so fast. The next day it disappeared...for good...this was weeks ago and it has completely run away and isn't coming back. My girlfriend is devastated, so obviously I can't tell her the truth. Even though I'm quite proud of the intensity of my farts, I do feel quite bad.



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  • I did the same thing to a baby. In church.

    You may laugh hysterically now :)

  • I just laughed so hard. This is actually animal cruelty. It will hound you forever.

  • So, it's ok if someone you love crop dusts you, or gives you a Dutch oven...maybe even something you can laugh about later, but HEAVEN FORBID you do it to a pet! People with their first world problems...same people who spend more money on their pets than their kids or loved ones, they make me sick.

    To the author: I bet you'll never forcibly grab an animal by its head, or against its will for any reason now, will you? I do think your handling was very rough and you should be gentler in the future.

  • What the f** is wrong with you??? that is not funny, you tortured a cat and made him run away. i hope u are tortured to death.

  • Your over f****** reacting

  • That's so mean!!!!!!!!Poor Kitty:....( RIP to the poor cat

  • Gulp -cries- IT WAS A LIVING THING YOU GET THAT RIGHT HOW WOLD YOU FEEL IF SOMONE OR THAT CAT DID THAT YO YOU DUMY IM 9 AND VERY FURIOUS AND THAT IS WHAT U CALL A SMART 9 YEAR OLD ˜unlike you˜ [animal abuser] just wait wait somthing will come back and bite you...just WAIT -.-

  • You my good sir have made my day. Bravo!!

  • I'm a cat lovr n dn't support ne type o abuse to a cat, bt that was hilarious.

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