Christmas with the family

I can't stand holidays with the extended family. Really, I don't give a ** about how much new stuff people acquired, where they went for vacation this year, how successful everyone is, etc. It makes me want to throw up.

Everyone in my family likes to make me feel like an underachiever, but I'm actually quite happy in my own skin. I'd rather not see any of those ** ever again.

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Giving birth

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  • Wet your bed

  • I mean like I'm 14 and they are all hanging out for presents and I turn up in the kitchen and told mum I wet my bed. Well everthing just stops. Totally she just goes into mummy mode and stops making breakfast and gets me to have a shower and takes the wet sheets and stuff and puts them in the washer and gets dad and they take the mattress out and put it in the sun. I was totally embarrassed but did it any way. Totally disrupted christmas. Ha

  • Lol they're superficial and deep down, not happy with themselves and their lives. That's why they compete against each other, are boastful and belittle you. You appear genuine and self-confident! You won't always live at home.

  • Run away!

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