Hey! I know her!!

One time while browsing p*** pictures I came across a picture of a girl giving a guy a b******. What makes this different is that she was the spitting image of my niece - tattoos and all.

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  • Yep, know the feeling. My hot sister used to go to nascar races, and get wild. Friend of mine was showing my pics he took at a race, including "gotta see this one..she's holding both guy's d****!". Sure enough, it was her, long, red nails and all, with two guys d**** in her hands. The sunglasses and hat didn't hide her face enough.

  • Know how u feel. my 18 yold daughter had a bad break up with her long time hs bf and he posted all kinds of videos on the internet of him doing stuff with her and worse him having his friends gangbanging her. they are still on the internet.

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