Raising a grown man

I literally hate my step son. I am 29 and my wife is 33
She lost custody of her son when he was like 5 and out of the blue
The state gives him back when he is 17 WTF. I can stand this attitude anf
Sense of entitlement like the world/us owe him everything he wants becausr he had a tough childhood join the club
His Lazy ass eating Me out of house and home and not have a
Grateful bone in his body. skipping a shower for days at a time.
walking around Like he owns the joint and that's not to Menton the money
Mysteriously comming up missing all the time if I could prove it I'd put his
Monkey ass in jail to cool his heels for a while and think about life
I believe its almost a form of jealousy because of him being so old
Its like having to share my wife with another man
I mean what can a guy do to raise a 17 year old that he just met

I look forward to his birthday more than my own

Sep 27, 2012

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  • You won't get rid of him @ 18. he's got it too good there and it's a big bad world out there. tougher than him no matter how tough he thinks he is.

    just start separating assets/wages

  • That's a good idea

  • I think you are a a******. Join the club? Excuse yourself, that poor boy was taken away from his mother and put into the foster care system until age 17. He had no stabile childhood, he felt unloved, unwanted. How dare you judge a young boy the way you do. You sound like a terrible person and I hope that young boy finds what he needs in life. I wish him more luck and love. You honestly should be ashamed of yourself.

    Ps your guys' life sounds trashy.

  • So how far can you see from that high horse must be nice to have all the answers never claimed to be perfect and I fully claim to be an A****** and there's nothing poor about that Piece of s*** but his attitude and personal hygiene the only thing trash in our life Is him so I'm sure since you have such a big heart why don't you welcome him into your homeI'm quite sure will find out who the Ahole is

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