Dont want to be gay

Honestly i dont want to be gay or bi but i cant get the thought out of my head of sucking d*** and 69ing with another guy. 704-288-8438



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  • It's too late, dude. If you're already thinking about sucking d**** and 69ing, you're already gay.

  • I'd suck your d*** and lick your a******. I'd make you happy -- happier than you've ever been -- because I totally know how to suck a d*** and lick an a******.

  • Jeez you are one seriously hot piece of man ass!!!!!!

  • I would totally 69 you, or just suck your d***, or just let you suck mine.

  • U make me hard 2. damn. DAMN.

  • god baby you are so totally hot and sexy. im a guy and i think you are exactly the kind of boyfriend i need to have in my life and i would be the same for you too hopefully. i would never ever try to keep you from being with girls or even one day getting married. i would just want you to come to me, and c** on me and c** in me, whenever you could. i would come to your school or your work and blow you when you wanted it, and i would always take it up the ass when you wanted that and never tell you no. please please dont be confused and dont let those feelings hurt you or make you sad. s** is s** and dont let the world tell you that having lots of it with people who make you excited and make you feel good is wrong becuz it isnt wrong and cant be. let yourself think about having your d*** sucked or sucking another guys d*** and dont worry so much. s** is normal and its supposed to be enjoyed and if you let it be enjoyable you will enjoy it. if you wanna suck a d*** go suck one. you can suck mine or i will come and suck yours anytime. your hot and sexy and you make me hard ........ im hard just writing this to you ........ and i think i already love you.

  • WOW...

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