PLEASE READ! I love a married girl.

So this girl I knew for almost all my life. Her family and my family are really close. I was 15 when I fell in love with her. Days went by, and I saw her as being the role model for a perfect wife. Loved her more than anything. So in weird circumstances, her and I got to share our feelings, and confess that we've been in love with each other for 4 years which made me 19 and made her 16 at the time (of course love was in different ways in different age stages). My family and her's stood against us, and were stubborn as h*** on not wanting us together for their own REASONS! We never listened, and kept talking until I had to get out of the country for university. We had a short long distance relationship that ended with a sudden cut in relationship from her side and a surprising engagement!, before that though, she used to always tell me how her parents are pressurizing her and forcing her to get married to another man. but anyways, that man became her wife. I was destroyed, she spoke to me one last time before she left, and said sorry, I can't do it anymore. I flunked out of school for a year from the impact that breakup had on me. 3 years went by and I loved 0 girls, none, nothing. She was in the back of my mind all the time, always wondering what she is doing, wondering if she loved him, wondering if she's happy and if she hates me now. and then I talked to her! I went back for the summer break after almost graduating, and she called my cellphone. Started by saying how she advises me not to get married, and that it's miserable, we talked a little more and she said that she hates her life, talked a little more then she explained that she was forced, and that she never stopped thinking of me for 1 day, proving it by posting things on facebook on all of our anniversaries, my birthday, and music videos that i used to dedicate to her on her birthday. talked a little more that we decided that this is not fair for us and that she will get out of her marriage to be with me. I thought, perfect!, WOW! that would be everything I wanted. I'll mention that her husband is a great guy, and he loves her, and provides a decent life financially (although I'm at least 10 times more capable financially and power-wise). She hates herself for talking to me, and for stabbing him in the back, we never did anything wrong, the most we did was hold hands, and we regretted that ALOT! I don't know what she wants anymore, and don't know what to do. I'm a commercial pilot, and have a great career ahead of me, I don't want her to ruin that for me if things don't work out and she turns her back on me again (thinking that it's for my best). I can't take her off my mind, and I can't see myself breathing without knowing that i'm doing so to live longer to be able to see her become mine. She doesn't want to leave me either but I think she is strong enough to live with the losses and try to get through life without committing suicide (cause that would send her to h***, and she is very religious). Please help me, what do I do! I love her more than life!

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