Heart Broken

So there's this guy...
So my best friend K started dating this guy E, who also has a best friend named C. The 4 of us hung out a lot and, eventually, E told me C liked me.
I became interested, and he was going to ask me to prom, but I was worried that I only liked him because he liked me, or everyone else wanted us to be together, so I turned him down.
A month or 2 went by, and I started to realize I made a mistake: I REALLY liked him! I decided to tell him one day, and he seemed to be really happy I told him. I have never dated, an never told someone that I like them, so I was really nervous.
The next day, E texted me and told me that they were talking and decided that it wouldn't work out because C was going to college next year (this year).
I was completely devastated, but dealt with it. During the rest of the school year and the summer, we talked all the time, and even talked completely openly about how we [used to] like eachother.
Senior year started for me, and his freshman year in college, and we were both so busy we just kind of stopped talking. Recently, I'd started trying to talk to him again, but we had different schedules, so it was pretty hard.
Today, my friend S told me that 2 weeks ago she was talking with K and found out that C found a girl! I said I was happy for him, but on the inside I wasn't happy for ME.
I texted E about it, and he said things were kinda serious, and if I was okay with it. Obviously I said I was fine.
I have been fighting depression for almost a year now, and this brought me down again a lot. I was hoping if never have to feel this way again.
Is it possible that I loved him? They aren't dating yet, but should I talk to him about it?

Before you tell me to grow up, I am only a senior in highschool, and I've been through a lot of things that make me unhappy easily. I need REAL advice, here.

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  • Ah, bummer! If it's any consolation, we have all been there...where you are now..in some way, shape or form. And the good news, you will get through this and there are other guys out there. Could you have been in love? Maybe it's more of a deep crush or puppy love. You liked him and you developed a friendship with him. Some sort of a relationship was there, maybe not in the boyfriend-girlfriend committed sense. But you invested your time and feelings into him, how could you not feel something. But he was honest with you and wasn't leading you on in with what he wanted. The fact that he's moved on is hard because you weren't prepared to feel what you're feeling. Sure, you can talk to him about how you feel, but it may not prevent him from dating this other girl. But don't let this situation depress or discourage you. Try to find the positive in this and there are many.

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