Does My Dad not Love me?

My dad doesn't love me, I'm sure of it. He lives overseas so its understandable that I can't see him regually, but this year I saw him only ONCE in 8months and the worst part was that he only stayed for 3days, and within those 3 days he never fully spent it with me. He can visit me atleast once a month because he has the money to. Also he doesn't call me or text me in weeks, the only time he does call me is when he wants me to help him with something. I tried emailing and texting him regually but I stopped because if he doesn't take the effort why should I?
He also stopped paying my mom maintainence which is wrong because he can afford it and more. How can he do that? I'm 16 and I'm a girl I will always need stuff. He gives me $180 and expects me to pay for everything from that and dare I ask him for extra money, he tells me he gives me money. I can't ask him for anything! I can't ask him for clothes or perfume or makeup because he tells me to use my money. Yet he buys himself expensive brand name clothes all the time. He however doesn't bat a eyelasg when he buys his wife lotion for $150. He knows my mom struggles financially yet he won't help out, if anything he just wants to make things more unpleasant. And he doesn't think his doing anything worng!!! Its like he wants me to live the worst lufe possible yet he lives in luxury. Why is he so self centred?! :(

Oct 3, 2012

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  • My dad loves me but in a sexual way.. i think ? he gets aroused sometimes with me and I can tell and he knows he is doing this me! like i am freaking out cuz of my sexual feelings to my dad now that i know he feels this way about me .. ugg

  • He does. He just doesn't show it very well. He's not a mind reader. You need to tell him what you want and need from him. Tell him how you're hurt by him and his actions. And tell him that you need things ..maybe not an expensive purse. But you need certain things that he would have provided if he was in your life everyday. Keep in mind, money is nice and can buy you things, but it's not love. Continue to call him/email him and let him know that you want him to make more of an effort.

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