I think I chose the wrong friends

In my school district for where I live,when you get to 6th grade,you go to the middle school. I think I chose the wrong friends because they're very rude about race and are mean to other people,but not always me,just sometimes. I don't know whether or not i should let myself be associated with them or not because people come up to me and are like "so, I heard yous be talkin bout me" and I say "no" and they're like "yeeaaah, alrriggghhht" and I'm just like walking away being all quiet. Help me decide please. I also don't have many friends that I get to see because of the way our schedules work and these people are with me in every class,so if I stop being their friend, I'll be all by myself, which honestly,might be better:(

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  • It sounds like it would be. there's nothing wrong with being "the loner" they're often the most interesting people anyway, maybe because of the sense of mystery...
    but above all else, you dont want to be associated with bigoted, cruel individuals, especially if thats just not who you are.
    be wary that you could open yourself up to their ridicule if you abandon them... but honestly, they dont deserve your time, especialy if they end up doing that. in the long run, you're better off being yourself and making more friends away from those people that actually match up with who you really are.

  • Thank you for your advice, I'll try it out and well, I'll hope for the best:)

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