True Perfection

My definition of Perfection:)
Someone who is honest (never lies),Faithful, Beautiful inside and out, friendly,Charitable,easy going, pleasant, their own person (no copiers),smart,non-jealous, a dream follower, caring, non-racist,and non-drug user or jail record.
Are you my definition of Perfect?,no,but don't worry no one is! Some people are closer than other though. Scale of my definition of Perfection:
1-6 out of 14- You might not be bad, your just not my perfection definition
7-10 out of 14- Your you, which is good! Your probably nice and just a little more guidance
11-13 out of 14- You're amazing! You're just missing a little bit, but your still awesome!
14 out of 14- Your Perfect in my opinion!!! You're just amazing, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Comment What You are :)



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  • Never lies? NEVER? ... might want to think that through just a little bit, and really consider what kind of relationship that would be if your partner never EVER lied, even about the little things...

    "honey, do i look fat in this?" - "yes"

    "does size matter?" - "yes"

    "do you think i'd make a good parent?" - "no"

    "do you want to be with me forever?" - "dunno, can't tell yet"

    etc etc.

  • Also, that's also the point, nobody is perfect.

  • I see what you mean, but even then, the truth hurts. I guess lieing is ok at certain times, but at most, no never.

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