I stole a suitcase...

I confess that I stole a girl's suitcase from her when she was getting off the bus. I helped her carry it off when she got to her stop, and I commented on how heavy it was. She told me there were old computer parts she was taking to the local recycling, so I thought they might be useful or worth a lot of money and stole it.

When I opened the suitcase there was a dead dog inside.

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  • BS urban legend.

  • Lol this was my friend you thieving f-wit!! She was house sitting & their dog passed away. She didn't know what to do so though she'd bury it at a nearby park. She says thanks for the helping hand you Theiving c*^t!!!!!!

  • You deserve it lmao off still would have Beat your ass thief that s*** ain't cool

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