I can't the mindless slaughter of animals for chinese medicine

If there is anything that twists me into furiosity and enrages me, it's how the Chinese heartlessly make their medicine by slaughtering all kinds of rare animals. I live in South Africa and in the news there is always something about how a rhino was killed for its horn. I WISH THOSE FOOLS WOULD KNOW THAT A RHINO HORN IS MADE OF HAIR AND IT HAS NO B***** MEDICINAL PROPERTIES WHATSOEVER!! If you use this medicinal s*** and are reading this, you are an idiot. Rhino horns are NOT going to give you a steamy sexytime!! I hope you horrible chinese people realise what you are doing. You are driving species to extinction with that bullshit you buy at your local traditional "medicine j******". If you don't stop the mindless slaughter, I hope someone nuke strikes you. I hate your country. You have made me bitter, longing for justice. People have told your country that your medicine is bullshit, but NO, you keep making it like a bunch of heartless m************. I boycott all chinese shops and am trying to eliminate products made in China, and it would have been easier if china didnt make virtually every f****** thing on this f****** earth!!!

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  • There is a h*** of a lot that is wrong with Chinese government and culture, for sure. With that being said, anyone who comes from country with a *healthy* government and culture, please raise your nonexistent hand.

    It's a good thing there isn't any kind of search structure for this sewer of a website. The retards and MAGAts (typically one and the same) are crapping randomly all over any confession that has the word "Chinese" in it, because of Covid and because stupid people are like that. That will change if they ever find this one. Toddlers live solely to destroy things.

    In a better world it would be legal to end them the same way you end a rabid animal, for the same reasons. But since people don't seem to care about legality half the time anyway, maybe that obstacle doesn't need to be there.

  • Again with the Stupid f****** Chinese I hate them and I hope they all die they torture animals


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