What have i done?

Yesterday while shopping with my husband , i asked him to buy me a dress. he said "I would pay any other(house hold) bills instead of buying you a dress" . huh. No words from me. I wanna cry out loud .and he is not in such a poor position to look for money to pay the bills i know. you may thing that i used to spend(waste) more money on my cloths but no. this is the 3rd dress i asked him. Is that too much am i asking.
This is not much of a confession but i wanna drop the weight off my chest.

Oct 10, 2012

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  • You need to sit down with him, see were the money going house payment, or rent, utility bills, car payment, groceries, insurance, see how much money you two have left over, thing are bad people losing their jobs, people taking cut in pay, how i know, i own a use clothing store, my store is 2/3 empty, people is not buying new clothes, I do hope you get a new dress,

  • Go out there and find a kind and caring fella!

  • How about stashing a few bucks for a couple months and buy it yourself... at Victoria's Secret (or similar shop). Then seduce him wearing it. No, you might not feel quite up to it but often feeling follow actions. His refusal tells a lot about your marriage which needs some repair work.

  • What ? you think i don't do that. i always do what ever he likes. he asks me what he want me to do but doesn't even bother to know about my interests . i don't ask him but i say it when i don't like an act which he sure does again.

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