I have only had an o***** during s**

I have only had an o***** during s** once. And it wasn't anything impressive.

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  • That is too bad. You really should m********* so you know what you are capable of and then guide your man to that same pleasure.

  • You need a man with better d***!

  • Whoever gave it to you, stay with them!

  • Take up masturbation.

  • i wish i knew you i bet i can make you c** im really good at for play and licking it had to be because i have a small d*** 4 1/2 in hard so i had to learn in other way to make a girl happy and have had alot of them in my live and they all come back for more you need to find someone that will take there time with you and just lay back and close your eyes and it will c** soon

  • Maybe the folks you are with are not taking care of you and only looking out for themselves.

  • yeah foreplay

  • it more from forplay anyway i have a smaller d*** so i have to lick there p**** more so try that

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