Agnostic in a Christian city

First thing's first, I'm agnostic. Many of my friends are strict Christians. Most of them don't mind that I'm agnostic, but the ones that do really bug me about it. One of my good friends has actually told me that I'm going to H*** because I don't believe in God. I tried to explain that it's not that I don't believe in God, it's just that I'm not sure what I believe. He told me, and I quote, "It doesn't matter. You are going to H***." I'm not a bad person. I've never done drugs, alcohol (I'm underage), or slept around. In fact, the thought of drugs repulses me, I'm too young to drink anyways, and I'm not even comfortable with PDA. This friend and some of my other friends have tried converting me to Christianity, but I just can't do it. I was never taught religion at a young age, so I've already formed my opinions about this sort of situation. I just feel like that people judge me because of the fact that I'm not religious. Please tell me that you don't. That I should be accepted for me, and not what I don't believe.

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  • I am openly Agnostic in a small christian town. I've never been bullied for it. And this town is in Kentucky. I think you're just being a tad paranoid

  • The answers to your post by the "christians" is precisely why I am an atheist. Religion is a farce. People claim it makes them a better person but christians are the biggest hypocritical lot I have ever seen. "What would Jesus do?" Well, he wouldn't drive like an a******, he wouldn't get in fights over video games at a walmart during Christmas, he wouldn't steal and then confess in church. What a bunch of losers.

    Never doubt your non-belief and to the idiots who tell you you are going to h***, just ignore them since they are obviously not intelligent enough to understand that religion is a construct of man designed to fill a void created extreme stupidity.

  • Youre kidding right? This post has to be a joke.

  • Why would it be a joke?

  • You and the dumbass nonbelievers commenting below need some Jesus in your f***** up, clueless Satan-driven lives. Accent Jesus The Christ as your Personal Savior, repent your f****** sins, and get your dumb a**** into the Bible.

    I plead the blood of Jesus on this. I name it and claim it. I trust in the power of the risen God to make it happen. Amen, and f*** you dumbass doubters!

  • You cant be serious. My goodness...go find something else to do.

  • You need to try to not be blinded by religion and form your own opinions about things instead of believing something because it's written on a page and thrown at you. Really, it's a matter of opinion. The Bible was given to you at most likely a young age and you only believe it because you were told to. Just because this person doesn't have a religion doesn't mean that they worship Satan. This person is not a non-believer, they just don't know what to believe. Now, remove the blindfold this religion has covered your eyes with and open your mind up a bit. Thanks

  • Get over it and worship Santa Claus, fuggin morons. Why waste time on things that don't exist???????

  • I can totally relate. I've moved to a new place where I didn't expect to find so many Christians, and my housemates and so religious one of them is always bugging me about it. And when I tell her I'm not religious she always assumes I don't really care but can be convinced or converted with time. Passionate Christians can't help it. They honestly think it's their duty to try, and they really do it out of "love", because their truth is the one and only truth and they can't think of faith as something subjective, as an opinion that you might disagree with. They can't even conceive of the idea that they're "imposing their faith" on others because Truth has to be imposed, Truth has to be spread by any means, at all times, and they know better. Try to find your own group- I've actually just joined Secular Students (check out their website) after hesitation and even though I'm not a fan of groups and meetings organized around faith or lack of it, it should be private business, but it seemed almost impossible to meet people who won't keep inviting me to church and bible study.

    Also, not doing drugs and alcohol and not sleeping around doesn't necessarily make anyone a "good person". That's always religion's awfully simplistic view. A quick tag made for judging people to save yourself the trouble of actually knowing them. And to feel superior. (He's so talented. And so outgoing and friendly and charming. Oh, but he doesn't believe in God. And he drinks alcohol. (mental relief: woof, he is lacking after all. He's "bad". I'm a son of God. I'm more worthy.) People would never admit to thinking this to themselves but they do. I used to be a believer.)

  • Yes.

  • I totally agree with you. And most Christians are of such dimwitted sheep herd mentality that they can't even conceive of anyone else having the right to their own, differing opinions about the existence of God or the validity of faith.
    Don't let anyone intimidate or condemn you for what you believe. Nobody can dictate to you what you should believe. And nobody but nobody knows the real truth until we die.

  • Amen

  • I don't understand how the right to opinions has anything to do with truth. I don't believe in God because that's the default position. You can't have an opinion that the moon is made of cheese.

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