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I'm agnostic. He's a regular church attender and relates God to a lot of things. He stands up for his faith so much-- I'm so afraid I'm going to lose him over this.
I'd fit in better with most of the population of where I live and would have less particular worries if I was 100% Christian. For some reason, I just don't know what to think of religion. I'm the type of person who needs reassurance. It's hard for me to believe or make a commitment since there's no absolute proof on God, Jesus, or anything. I wish I could go with the flow and pretend or fool myself into believing, but that's not in me.
I try to reassure that me being an overall 'good' person makes a huge difference. Like true Christians, I don't drink, smoke, try not to lie, have abstained from s**, and so on. However, what if my boyfriend-- and all the rest of the Christians-- is right? Then I'll be sure to be burning in a pit of fire after my death, which frightens me to no end...

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  • Believe in God I am a devoted Catholic and God is there, and his only son. In the name of the father and of the son and the holy spirit amen.

  • People like you are a big reason there are agnostics and atheists. OP leads a moral life, but that isn't enough for you-- they have to virtue signal about "gettin' tight with the big JC, yo".

    OP is the real deal. You are a mouthy poseur, and your boy Jeebus sees that clearly. Choke on your Communion wafer and lay off the altar boys.

  • Just because something is easier doesn't make it right. If you do start to believe in a god then be happy with that. But don't force yourself. The fact that you question it says so much about you, and you can't ignore that part of yourself. Be who you want to be.

  • I'm an atheist, have been since 1967. In the unlikely event there is a god, the fact that you try to live right will count for more than the pious mouthings of most christians. The vast majority of believers that I run into are NOT better christians than you. If there is a h***, it will be overflowing with them.

    If there is a god, how can he let innocent children die horrible deaths like thousands do every year in third world countries. Little children and babies can't be sinners, they cannot comprehend sin yet.

    If they were true believers, they would work harder at trying to right the wrongs that go on in this world.

    I read Robert Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" back then and went from being a Catholic to Atheist in one weekend. It got me thinking and everything I had believed in shifted. Heinlein was the greatest science fiction writer ever.

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