My Boyfriend treats me like I'm inferior.

Okay, I'm a 23 year old female, and I live with my 24 year old boyfriend. So we've been dating since I was 17, and it's always been great. But he always acts like he's better than me. When we were seventeen, and I couldn't lift up a box, it was cute, but now, if I'm tired, or simply can't lift something, or fix something, he uses it to make me feel inferior. I know he loves me, and I love him, but when he does that, it's so annoying. I don't really know how to tell him, because a) I don't thin he realizes he's doing it, and b) he would just laugh it off if I did tell him..

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  • On the one hand, it could be nothing and simply your perception or something you're taking more notice of now. Or it could be sign of control, does he have anger issues or has he ever hit you? Ask him why he says that the nexttime he belittles you. Could be a sign that he's not happy with the relationship and trying to push buttons, start a fight or to talk about it.

  • i agree with this observation. one other possibility is that he is extremely insecure and he uses you to make himself feel secure. it should be discussed - perhaps with the great benefit of a counselor - and if it cant be resolved then you need to find a real man who can and will actually love you. this guy may say 'i love you' but true love doesnt allow for denigrating your partner. but if hes physically or emotionally abusive, dont NOW.

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