Master to Slave

My wife is 10 year older than me which never bothered me because i found her very sexy but it did bother her and because of that she was amazingly attentive to me from day 1. We both had our own houses but from the first couple of weeks and how she treat me i moved in with her and rented out my house. The reason i moved in with her so quickly was of how submissive she was to me when i stayed at her house i wanted that everyday not 3 times a week. Every morning i would get woken to slow b******* and every night if i didnt want s** id get another long slow b******* and she would dress up to my commands. Everyday i got treat like this, i stopped thinking about my wifes pleasure and just enjoyed being her master and as soon as id c** just went to sleep and i would do nothing around the house. Then i lost my business and had to sell my house and my wife has a very good job and said dont worry il look after you and she started making a few jokes and becasue i wasnt working i would do more around the house and i started to make our meals and she joked that next thing id have maids outfit. Ive always been very dominant in our relationship but i started to realize i was becoming submissive to my wife. Then she made a joke of me having to satisfy her in the bedroom because i was kept man, all said as a joke. Then we had a big arguement and she said i could leave if i wanted but i had nowhere to go and no money so backed down after that she became more dominant in the bedroom as well and i am frightend to call her bluff because i have nowhere to go. I now have to orally pleasure her morning and night before bed and after she has her o***** she turns over and sleeps. She has just bought herself a whip which she likes using on me. im made to fluff her pillows up before i go down to orally serve her and she uses her whip on me when im serving her and when im whipped the pain makes me push me tounge into her p**** even harder which gives her even more pleasure so now im whipped without any mercy for my her pleasure. Ive went from being her master where all of my needs were attended to without question. Now im a slave having to satisfy my wifes every whim, which i do without complaint because of circumstances i have 2 choices be my wifes s** slave or live on the streets.

Apr 12, 2020

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  • Enjoy it! You are a kept man now and have to pay the price. If you honestly didn't like you would be making changes in your situation. If it was me you would be wearing a French Maid outfit, be on your knees, ask for permission, etc.

  • And I’d be pegging him, too, with a double ended toy, one part inside of me & the other part being drilled into him...

  • You treat your wife like as your s** slave because you knew she was worried you might leave her because of the age difference and even though it wasnt a problem you let her think it was for your own pleasure and treat her like your slave. Now because your circumstances have changed she is now using you the way you used her but with even more cruelty. I love how she makes you make her c** every morning and night like she had to do when you were her master. But i more love the fact she has taken it to a new level and whips the s*** out of you to make her c** hard. I hope she realises you have nowhere to go and gives you the choice to live on the streets in the cold or live in chastity and now dress as she commands like you did to her once but now you dress as her maid and she doesnt let you c** without her permission and makes you lick p**** at her command 24/7 and never think about your pleasure again. You did exactly the same to your wife, no different and now your crying because its been turned around, your wife is doing exactly the same to you now but shes an even crueler master than you and whips you because she enjoys seeing you in pain for her pleasure. This is nothing to how your life is going to be soon, now she enjoys whipping you and puts that together with the fact you cant leave she is going to become massively more demanding on you and enjoy giving you more pain, your going to be down on your mistress 24/7 and going to be used like her slave and get used to a life of service, you might have been her master once and used her for your pleasure for years but now you are her slave to be used for her pleasure and from your story you she is going to use you well. You were a master and for years everything was about you, now your a lowly slave whos life is to give pleasure to your mistress. Enjoy licking your wifes p**** 24/7 because thats your life now slave.haha

  • All woman love the thought of being able to use a whip and give their men pain if they arent happy with their performance in bed, but very few get the chance. Once they do have that power over you and they know it, they enjoy it. Your life now will be one of pain if you cant please your wife or for one moment she thinks you arent giving your maximum attention to her pleasure every time. Either enjoy servitude and pain or leave.

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