Funny acts

We boys are really mischievous.we always find out when someone is careless and then do something funny which may be embarrasing for the person.

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  • You might want to invest in a rainbow flag. you are obviously gay.

  • For example we remove a boy's towel or we pull down his shorts or carry him naked throught the hostel floor.
    i too had some of those.these things happen usually in hostels.during 1st yr in college,whenever i was a bit careless others took advantage of it.but even when i was not many things happened.quite a few times my towel was removed.every boy underwent similar things and i too didn't escape.there were days when my pant was pulled down by someone from back in public but luckily i had underwear inside.
    Whenever we do some mischief with a guy,we plan it before hand.others too had planned for me and i came to know only after it was executed.there were few body-builders in the fine morning i was brushing my teeth when someone from back suddenly pulled down my pyajamas and underwear together and lifted me naked on his shoulders with only a banyan left to support my chest.

  • The guy was very strong and i couldn't get free because he held my thighs very tightly.soon a few guys arrived there.they pinned me on the floor.each took turns to get hold of my d*** and j*** me the time they left the place the floor was full of my c** and d*** was limp,painful and full of scratch marks.

  • I wore my underwear and pyajama and went to my room.i was totally exhausted.i myself had never masturbated more than 4 times in a day and they made me come more than half a dozen times in an hour.i didn't speak anything about it to my roomate.i slept till noon.for the next 2 days i didn't have an erection.i couldn't wear an underwear due to pain.within a week the scratch marks healed and pain subsided.from then i stopped wearing an underwear when in shorts or pyajamas.
    I couldn't make out easily why they did it to me.later i came to know that they wanted to empty my b****,which is not possible as it continuously produces c**.
    Everything was quiet for a month.but soon that guy started attacking me more and inspite of my resistance he was successful to remove my shorts or open the chain of the pyajama on certain occasions.yet he couldn't j*** me off due to my resistance.

  • But he was adamant and started entering my room frequently.since i had stopped wearing an underwear a long ago by now everyone had come to know.

  • This guy would enter my room when i would be sleeping.he would put his hand inside my shorts and irritate my d***.but soon i would be awake and i fought him to prevent him to make me c**.
    I made a plan to teach him a lesson.few of my friends adviced to apply itching powder in his underwear.after a few days we got the opportunity when he went to bath.we entered his room and applied itching powder on his underwear.when we wore his clothes we called him up to the corridor and started a quarrel.he was continuosly itching.i fought and soon pinned him friends caught him.i pulled down his shorts and underwear with both hands and made him kneel down naked before me.i pulled down my shorts a little and made him suck my d***.within a few minutes i came in his mouth and my hot c** ran down his throat.

  • One by one everyone made him drink their c**.i got hold of his d*** and irritated was around 10inches,the largest in the hostel.i jerked him off friends jerked him too till no sperm came out.
    I lifted him on my shoulders and carried him to the bathroom and dumped him in the bath tab.i washed my hands with soap.

  • A few days passed by.on the eve of my birthday i wore a new t-shirt and shorts.everyone of my year were eager to make me naked.guys having birthdays are stripped naked.
    I went to the urinal and i had just finished p****** when a few guys attacked me and pulled down my shorts.they dragged me to my room and on the way they removed it.everyone had gathered there.a few guys held me from behind when i cut the cake.then there was photoshoot and before that a guy grabed my d*** and testicles so that they wouldn't come in the photos.but he crushed my b**** a lot and due to friction from his hands my d*** was fully erect.then the gift was to be given.few of them lifted me and a guy made me wear a new jockey underwear when the d*** became flaccid again.

  • After the party i wore my shorts and went to sleep.the next morning i woke up as usual.i went to the corridor where a few guys were talking among themselves and smiling at me.i couldn't make it out.i came back to my room after brushing my teeth.soon there was a knock at the door and the guy next door entered the room and he started behaving like h***.he kissed my lips and before i could know what was happening he slid one of hands inside my sorts and grabed my d***.soon i became aware of his intention.

  • He whisphered in my ear that there was no shocked me then as i had slept with an underwear inside my shorts.he told me that his friends had entered my room from the window and removed my shorts and underwear while i was asleep.they had made me wear only the shorts and threw away the underwear in the the time he had finished revealing what had happened,he made me c** inside my shorts.he jerked my d*** until he felt no drop was coming out.he then went away.i changed into fresh shorts.

  • Hey man r u so careless that u can't take care of your dress?gain some strength and fight people.

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