I wanna kill my stepdad (he thinks so that he is)

He isn't so bad person but h***, he is 22!!! He is just embarrasing, he speaks EMBARRASING! He smiles like mother$#@ker, he laughs like total a$$hole! I live in Russia and when someone sees him with my mom in the street, they just laugh or cross themselves. I am ashamed, when my friends and mates
see him with my mom. Everyone in my family want him to die (my sister, dad, me).
My mom and dad are not divorced, EVEN! And how i knew, when i was 8 my mom was cheating on my dad with this freak!!! And the most make-you-laughing fact is that he is from tajikistan!!! This f$#6&ng a$$h*le need to die!
He always thinks that im too small (im 12) and he thinks that he can make me his son, make my mom his muslim bride and come to tajikistan with us. My scariest nightmare is that mom'll be pregnant by him!!! Please someone say what to do! I live in this chaos for 7 Years. If you have the same or just similar situation plz comment. I want this freak to be raped and killed!!!

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  • I think that you should talk to a counsellor or someone who has signed a contract of confidentiality about this. You are upset about your stepfather, and that is a totally normal and common response to having your parents break up, but thinking that someone should be raped and killed because of how upset you are is not a healthy way to look at things. My parents divorced when I was 11, and I've never really accepted my mother's partner as my father, but that doesn't mean that I hate him or think that he deserves to die. This guy obviously makes your mother happy of she is willing to openly walk down the street with him even they get ridiculed, and if he got 'raped and killed' then she would undoubtedly extremely unhappy. I can see that you obviously dislike this guy, but do you really want him to die with all of the implications? Talking to professionals help a lot, seriously, you can be totally open to them.

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