I miss my friends

Yea so i know its not really a confession, but i have no one i can talk to, i graduated 4 years ago and scene then all of my close friends have moved away, gone to college, had kids, ect. i know its just a part of life, but i guess my problem is in the back of my head i seem to think one day they will move back and everything will be normal again, i work to much really to make new friends at this point, i am actully engaged and love my gf very much. Just wish we could get everyone back together again back to how it used to be. time changes and we must move on, but no h*** i miss my best friend dearly.

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  • It doesn't matter how old you are, a lot of people are in the same boat as you. And it's hard to make friends these days, because everyone seems so busy. But there's Facebook, email, texting and the phone. It just takes a little effort to reach out. Even try to plan a trip with your old friends, that would be fun to look forward to. Try to find the time to make more friends..meetup.com, take a class, coworkers. It's important to have other people that support you and that you can rely on, aside from your gf.

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