It turned me on

Yesterday afternoon I was hanging out with my friend and his family. To be clear, I leave his kids (and all others, btw) alone; I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize his friendship. However, while we were watching a movie I noticed that his 14 year old daughter was masturbating on the floor under a blanket.

I could scarcely take my eyes off of her. She'd go between touching herself through her denim jeans, pulling hand out from under the blanket to poke at her numb fingers, and then slyly sniff the residue of her own scent that had soaked through her pants and onto her fingers.

She repeated this pattern for at least 20 minutes. It wasn't hard to tell what she was up to because she had her knees up in the air, and you could clearly make out where her hand was moving between her legs. Her parents and younger brother, all in the room with us, were completely oblivious to what was happening.

I think the little s*** was getting a little worked up because she then pulled the blanket up to her neck and rolled onto her side. Maybe she saw me enjoying her little exhibition because she had rolled to face away from me. No matter, after a couple minutes I made an excuse to move to a chair on the other side of the room, so I could continue to watch.

It was a little hard to make out, but I'm pretty sure she had one hand down between her legs while she used the other to fondle her breast. Her eyes were closed with the centers of her eyebrows pushed upwards and together in that tell-tale sign of ecstasy, and her mouth was open as she breathed heavily trying so hard not to make a sound. She was pretty quiet as no one but me seemed to notice.

After a while she shifted again and sat up to watch the movie. I thought the show was over, but to my pleasant surprise she was just getting comfortable. What happened next completely dissolved any remaining doubt about what was happening under that blanket.

With all that shifting the blanket had fallen down to about her tummy. Apparently she hadn't noticed because after smelling the scent on her fingers again, she moved her right hand down over her left cupcake breast and gave it a good squeeze through her shirt and bra.

It was unmistakable!

However, she quickly realized her mistake and pulled up the blanket rolling onto her side for the remainder of the movie. She curled up pretty tightly, so there wasn't much to see after that.

Later that evening, before I left, I noticed that she had changed pants. Lol! She must have soaked right through the earlier pair!

I confess, her exhibition turned me on.

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  • you have much more willpower than i have. i dont think i could have stayed off a woman who was rubbing one out right in front of everybody: that is just sooooooo hot!!! and so inviting!!!

  • Sheesh.........her own parents never noticed that their precious daughter was f************ herself in front of the guests???!? How could they NOT have seen that???!?

  • They're a very wholesome family. My guess is that her parents are in denial.

  • she doesnt just want a c***.......she obviously wants YOUR c***. what the f*** are you waiting for?

  • Your just a another sick f*** making s*** up on the internet to try to justify your moral depraved mind. Cant wait to see your ass on to catch a predator. go upstairs, look at your wife again and stop this goofy s***. Im glad your not my father you piece of s***.

  • ........trashy girl........gotta love it........

  • what a hot little piece she is. she obviously needs a good s******* and she obviously wants you to be the one who shags her. get busy and get on that. i cant imagine why you passed on her or why you are still passing on her. dont make her keep frigging herself in front of her parents just to get your attention. she wants it. she needs it. you want it. you need it. get s*******.

  • You do realize what your saying. If you read correctly this girl is 14. I'm tired of perves on this site. They annoying and honestly just dumb.

  • Oh s*** s*** s*** i totally skipped over her age or blanked it when i wrote what i wrote! i didnt even see that she was there daughter and i thought that she was just another female friend there to watch the movies that nite. i take it back please i take it all back!! im sorry!!!!! i will read things more careful the next times.

  • I did the same thing. Makes me wish we could go back into the comments we leave here and delete them. #&%@*!!!!

  • Next time you go to their house you need to pull that nasty little b**** to the side and ask her if she plans on doing another floor show that night, and if so, tell her when shes done you want to take her to her bedroom, lay her on her bed, and do to her with your tongue what she was doing to herself with her fingers. that is one incredibly hot piece of ass youre dealing with there my man, and you need to get ON that s*** because if you dont somebody else totally totally totally will. DAMN you are a lucky man!

  • Dude.........she was putting on a show. FOR YOU! How could you not recognize that? If she was trying to be sly, or just got h**** all of the sudden, she would of just gone to her room or the bathroom and frigged herself silly in there. She wanted YOU to notice and she wanted YOU to step up to the plate and she wanted YOU to do to her what she was doing to herself. She wanted YOU. Do NOT let that opportunity pass you by again. When she opens that door, dude, you walk right in it. You know she'll perform for you again, so be ready. She's not just generally overly sexual: she's after YOU!

  • I like the "cupcake" part
    is she a redhead?

  • Yes, actually she is.

  • redheads are the absolute best arent they DAMN

  • you shoulda discreetly asked for a whiff of her fingertips just to shock her and let her know you were paying attention and enjoying her pleasure. wow! very hot! thanks for sharing this.

  • What were you guys watching that she was touching herself?

  • Would you believe, The Avengers? Lol, of all things! She had just come back from a youth retreat. I don't know, but my suspicion is that maybe she was up to some naughty fun with her friends, or a boy, that she was still all worked up over.

  • Double penetrated

  • Can't blame you for watching, you are human after all.

  • I'm no paedo either but I would have watched.I have a fourteen year old niece whome I'd never lay a finger on but she is fast becoming a very hot girl.

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