I love Riti

I am a 52 year old married man who is madly in love with a 32 year old co-worker. She is stunning, sexy and bright. I want to leave my wife just so I can bve with Riti. I dont know if she sees me the same way however. It has left me sad especially when I think of her with anyone but me. She means everything to me....

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  • You totally have to test he waters with this girl, otherwise you are going to forever harbor the idea in your mind and heart that she was "the one", and you are goint to forever regret never having tried. Talk to her, find out where her head is at with you, and if something can develop between you. Be bold, and tell her how you feel, and that you can't STAND the thought of her with any other man, and don't hedge. Yes, it's risky, but what you feel for her is worth taking the risk. And if your wife ever finds out what you did or how you feel? LIE.

  • THINK what you have at home you're WIFE, stop daydreaming before you lose it all, you think she care about you, really? She don't, do you really want to hurt the person that loves you the most!

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