Okay, so I am in 7th grade and I like a ton of boys. I keep daydreaming that they all love me and then will fight over me and stuff. Reality happens and nerdy unpopular me comes along. All of them are out of my league. Luckily, they are all single. I was just wondering, am I a player/playa as my English teacher likes to say it? I think one of the boys I like for sure likes me though. I actually moved to my middle school last year. He was the first person that I acknowledged their existence (besides my sister's). I remember I liked him then, and then it kind of died down. Now I like him again. We're in the same science class this year and we do a lot of dissections this year. He always seems to be smiling at me during that (maybe I am more appealing than the frog?). I usually smile back, but that's pretty much it. He seems really nice and is funny too. Does he like me???

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  • I think he does and, he might be too shy to say so.

  • Hi, hers a good word of advance from a very rich man. I stayed in school study hard and now I can have who ever. Forget about the boys and try our best in school

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