Got my best friend's wife pregnant

I'll be screwed if my best friend finds out I got his wife pregnant. The dumb blonde was supposed to be on the pill or I wouldn't have done her. She is so hot I couldn't help myself and wanted her for a long time and tried to get in her pants many times before I finally did her. She was p***** at her husband after they had an big argument and he told her to go f--k herself and stomped out of the house. To calm herself down she started drinking, a little too much. I saw my friend and he told me how p***** her was at her and how he was not going home till 2 or 3 am. I made a bullshit excuse about having to to home early and parted ways with my friend. I drove straight to his house. His wife answered the door half drunk. I seized the opportunity and did her good and got the h*** out of the house long before my friend was supposed to come home. I didn't speak to the wife after that. Been there done it didn't want anymore to do with it. Then the dumbass called me a few months later and said she was having my child. I called BULLSHIT! and acted like it had to have been someone else. She cried then called me a b****** and hung up. Problem is I don't know what she will tell my friend because he hasn't been able to get her pregnant after trying for two years. Way I see it I did them both a favor, but my friend probably won't see it that way if his wife is dumb enough to tell him I boinked her.


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  • A******!

  • You're a disgusting piece of filth, calling a woman you desire sexually a dumb blonde and a dumbass. Men like you make me sick. When the only dumbass in this whole equation is YOU. YOU'RE the f****** idiot because you f***** your FRIEND'S WIFE. Behind his back AND without remorse. YOU didn't use a CONDOM to be SURE you don't get ANYONE pregnant. Moron ! Hey, maybe she even has an STD too and passed it on to you.

  • This is not a problem for you, it's an opportunity. You need to keep hitting that nasty b**** your boy married, and not give her a chance to point the finger at you for knocking her ass up. Going behind your buddy's back and f****** his filthy w**** wife is one of those things they say about variety and spice. Go get on that b****!! And don't get off of her!!!!!!

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