Got my best friend's wife pregnant

I'll be screwed if my best friend finds out I got his wife pregnant. The dumb blonde was supposed to be on the pill or I wouldn't have done her. She is so hot I couldn't help myself and wanted her for a long time and tried to get in her pants many times before I finally did her. She was p***** at her husband after they had an big argument and he told her to go f--k herself and stomped out of the house. To calm herself down she started drinking, a little too much. I saw my friend and he told me how p***** her was at her and how he was not going home till 2 or 3 am. I made a bullshit excuse about having to to home early and parted ways with my friend. I drove straight to his house. His wife answered the door half drunk. I seized the opportunity and did her good and got the h*** out of the house long before my friend was supposed to come home. I didn't speak to the wife after that. Been there done it didn't want anymore to do with it. Then the dumbass called me a few months later and said she was having my child. I called BULLSHIT! and acted like it had to have been someone else. She cried then called me a b****** and hung up. Problem is I don't know what she will tell my friend because he hasn't been able to get her pregnant after trying for two years. Way I see it I did them both a favor, but my friend probably won't see it that way if his wife is dumb enough to tell him I boinked her.


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  • I have three kids locally by married women. The guys think they are theirs. I love to try and get women pregnant when I f*** them, and have been successful multiple times.

  • Actually...thats pretty hot never considered it but in retrospect..if somebody f***** my wife with the intent of knocking her up...thats the ultimate cuck

  • I agree, I would love that to happen to my wife from a friend.

  • Why does this "confession" and its associated forum scream b******t?

  • You have trust issues

  • I am the father of 6 of 8 kids that my friend and his wife have. She visits me a lot and we f*** every time without condoms. She has a big ass but is good looking. She first came to see me after my wife left me. She gave me a massage as she is a masseuse. She took the towel off me that covered my c***. She took her shorts and panties. The sight of her beautiful p**** turned me on. She mounted my hard c*** cowgirl style and f***** me. Although my friend f***** her that week, her female doctor said my friend was not the husband. The doctor said she should not tell my friend so the children would not have to go through having their parents fight. Her doctor said it okay to have a secret affair.

  • I got my friend's wife pregnant 4 times. I had a few drinks but she removed the condom when I slipped out her p**** while f****** and slipped it back on my c*** after I came in her p****. My friend does not know that I fathered all 4 kids. My friend and wife had trouble starting a family. His wife did not realize I felt her remove the condom when I f***** each time. I could the difference between wearing a condom and the feel of skin to skin.

  • I got my buddy's wife pregnant. She made me wear a rubber but I took it off when we changed positions and went to doggy style. I shot a big one week load deep in her and she was knocked up. My buddy hadn't been able to get her pregnant but I did on the first shot. She was p***** right after but was happy I got her pregnant.

  • I got a friend's wife pregnant and I was visited a lot by her for s**. Since I was not popular with women in general, I welcomed any opportunity for s**. I lived alone so I had lots of privacy. Girls that would have s** wanted condoms used. My friend's wife never had or wanted s** with condoms. She told me when she was not on birth control but we still had s**. Her doctor told 6 of her 8 children were not her husband's. Her husband passed away 10years ago. I married her and we had 4 more kids.

  • What's wrong dude? you just have a kid and no need to pay for. Another d*** head will take of your sperm. Just enjoy that. If the blondie is ok and if you are still interested in her give your son a brother (you are also gifting your buddy with two kids).

  • A******!

  • You're a disgusting piece of filth, calling a woman you desire sexually a dumb blonde and a dumbass. Men like you make me sick. When the only dumbass in this whole equation is YOU. YOU'RE the f****** idiot because you f***** your FRIEND'S WIFE. Behind his back AND without remorse. YOU didn't use a CONDOM to be SURE you don't get ANYONE pregnant. Moron ! Hey, maybe she even has an STD too and passed it on to you.

  • This is not a problem for you, it's an opportunity. You need to keep hitting that nasty b**** your boy married, and not give her a chance to point the finger at you for knocking her ass up. Going behind your buddy's back and f****** his filthy w**** wife is one of those things they say about variety and spice. Go get on that b****!! And don't get off of her!!!!!!

  • Congratulations! Admit it mate, you fantasised about her. you imagined her naked body with you. and when the chance came, you took it. you f***** his wife as you'd always wanted to...and it seems you came inside her. i suggest you go with it. i'm f****** 3 of my friends partners..and i've already got two of them pregnant..once she's born your child, keep on f****** her

  • I'm pretty much the same. I've got three of my friend's wives pregnant. I'm proud to see my kids, and still f*** the women.

  • Cool, my best friend got my wife pregnant 2 times right after we got married, so our kids are both from him and my wife, they still sleep together when she gets in her heat cycle,

  • I did it also.

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