He's got four days

Four days from now will be the six-month anniversary of the last time my husband got on me. We talked, we went to counseling, we argued, I bitched, we talked more, and still nothing. So in four days, if he hasn't stepped up to the plate, I'm going to go get a man who will step up to the plate. I even have him picked out. One of my bosses at the company I work for has been wanting to do me ever since the day I came there for my interview. I've even talked to him about it (and made out with him, just a little) and he's already said that if nothing happens for me by Wednesday, he has a room booked for us at an elegant hotel just outside the city, away from prying eyes and nosy spouses (mine and his), and we'll go there just after lunch that day and check in and spend the afternoon and evening f****** like wild, crazed animals. He wants a long-term fling, which would be okay, but right now all I really need is a lot of relief and release to clear my head, and he's close and easy and so I'm going to let him get on and see if he can stay on. It's been so long for me that I'm afraid I'll hurt him by f****** too hard or too long or too much. My husband has had plenty of chances, but he's about to strike out, and then it's time for the next batter.

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  • There are heaps of illegitimates as well and I still believe that all this culture and agenda for surrogacy and sperm and egg donation is going to wreck the genetics of the world also. You will find more inbreding agendas via all this and to see men rejecting healthy uterus's of women is really a sick act, but they need this culture for the 100% gay movement ! I feel hurt that men have rejected my uterus that could have had babies. So its a sign of the times that were being programmed into us to stop producing so only their elites s** around like dirty disgusting swill and only their genes have rights to bred unlike most of us. I am supposed to have some silly French nobel, Irish, English, or whatever blood and they don't care about me. It has not helped me any so it can't be that great but are these people worth knowing? kate middleton? beyonce? a pair of black holes, smart a**** and aholes of the universe, I mean really? I always thought ellen looked like diana and I was right.

  • Share with us the details with your Boss. Uncaring husbands need to learn how well their wives are taken care of.

  • Would you be so gung ho about this if it was a husband posting this? Probably not. You would call him a pig and an animal, and tell him he doesn't really love his wife, and all sort of mean things wouldn't you? Well this road goes both ways. OP I think you are right and I hope everything works for the best, but would you hold it against a guy if he did the exact same thing for the same reasons? Take your own situation out of the context and apply it to a total stranger and you are not a participant in any degree. I hope you would give the same level of discretion to a man as you do yourself.

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