I'm an older man whose wife walked out over 10 month ago now i know from life getting back together would be hard but few months ago i hired a cleaning lady over 20 years younger than me and single mum 2 boys now in there 20tys well we become friends and chat have coffee when she Finnish work well was talking to her yesterday and told her about a meteor shower in December i would of liked to seen but on own boring well she looked at me said she like see that asked when where told her and it be 3 or 4 traveling there back and watching and be in my old camper van she thought about and said she like see and join me and stay in van then she said i might get lucky and get see another site i looked at her with odd look on my face she said well if both staying in camper and only 1 bed so get see her beside me i said i have think about that as had planned not going but ideas going with someone i might just do it but tell me pls should i go with her poss. sleep beside and even get make love to her ?

Jul 10, 2021

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  • Punctuation is your friend

  • I've done well at 70 with a 47 year old lady. She is a home health aide who checks my vitals twice a week. The job pays poorly and l like to supplement her income. It's all off the books and it works for both of us. I'm still quite sexually capable and when I supplement some Viagara I'm a superman (at least it feels like it!). We are both happy and talking about a permanent relationship. I never thought old age could be this good.

  • You are an illiterate.

  • Yes, go ahead, break your loneliness. I am sure you both need company and spending some good time elsewhere should be worthwhile for you both. I guess she is without s** and so allow her to play upper hand...

  • Yeah, bring some booze, condoms and get he drunk. Don’t worry about the age difference as long as your rod works.

  • Go for it!

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