I can't cope

I can't cope with school anymore

Next Confession

My family **

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  • RIGHT!???

  • Just keep going. The tests/performace tasks are stupid anyway, and you can always have an argument against them if you don't do good on them. The questions aren't clear, etc.

    Sometimes, I feel like executing Barney and all those kiddie TV programs, because they say "School is fun!" and stuff like that. Maybe 'executing' isn't the correct word, because it can also mean to start or begin something.

  • You sound normal to me. everyone feels that way at times about school, go out and enjoy yourself it will pass I promise

  • I reckon school ** farts out of dead seagulls arsehols

  • Omg, dont "ask jesus to help you". Bein the most intellegent 'animals' on the planet, we have a hieghtened sense of fear when it comes to death, because we know it will eventually happen to us. and this uncontrollable event in our lives is so hard for us to grasp because we as humans are such control freaks that we create this kind of fantazy that there is something bigger out there like god or mother earth or whatever to keep us from realizing that once we die its eternal blackness because we are DEAD - it is nothingness. And this is where Religion comes from. Just try and be happy, because thats all we as humans can strive for in life. What do you want to do today?? go out and do it. Just do it... why not? life is short. Carpe diem, my friend :)

  • Ask Jesus to help you.

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