Asthma is my downfall

I'm a retired 68 year old man who goes to my doctor regularly. I was born with asthma and while other people with the same disease can cope with it I find I cannot or cannot always cope with it.

I take expensive medicine for it including supposedly very effective inhaled steroids and while they help I still have severe short wind.

I have an epi pen but they are painful and at my age the rise in blood pressure could be deadly.

I just sit down and suffer sometimes. It was worse when I was young but I could cope with it better than I can now.

Anyone else here have this stinking disease?

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  • I found inspiration watching the 700 club:

  • I didn't. they said they saw an asthmatic and for the asthmatic to put his hand on the screen and be healed. I did and it didn't.

  • You seem to be under the care of good physicians. Sickness affects ones spirit overtime. What you need now is encouragement and faith to overcome your circumstance. I used to be agnostic until somethings happened in my life. in the deepest of gullies of my life, I've found encouragement and peace in God's word. I google the New Testament on my phone and read the teachings of Jesus. I have once been healed (through faith in his word) of peptic ulcer. I couldn't afford the surgery. I had resolved not to take the medications which the doctor was equivocal about their effect on fecundity and I wanted to have my own kids; that was more than a decade ago. The Lord Jesus healed me and I have remained free ever since. Take the challenge beloved and read even a chapter of the teachings of Christ a day; who knows, you may even develop faith better than I did and ask him to heal you!

  • Not taking your medicine will get you killed. I'm glad you survived and got well but many a person taking medicine has quit after they thought they had been healed and after they quit taking the medicine they died.

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