My girlfriend is making me mess with my wife

I am married but have been in a pretty steady relationship with another woman. She is insanely hot and I can't control myself when I'm with her. She has this sexual power over me and lately has been making me mess with my wife while we are having s**. When I'm inside of her I can't think for myself. Lately her thing is making me call my wife while I am inside her. Sometimes she wants me to try to have a normal conversation while she f**** me like crazy which is so hard to do and I have to keep muting the phone. Sometimes she makes me have phone s** with my wife while i am having actual s** with her. She puts the phone on speaker and actually does whatever my wife says she is doing. I feel horrible about it afterwords but during all I can think is how hot she is and how dangerous and sexy what she makes me do is. I know it is wrong but I can't stop her. She is so f****** good I would do anything.

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  • Heed the warnings. You will get caught no matter how careful you are...

  • I hope you understand the precarious position you put yourself in!

    You WILL lose it all, no more hot side action, no more wife when it all goes down. Not a judgement here, this is not a possible conclusions, its a certainty.

    The other girl will lose interest, or will make you slip up. You lose the wife, you lose the one thing that you currently control. Without the power, the hot thing does not want it, and will find another conquest.

    Your outcome, depression, loveless, and the funk you will be in will make finding another woman a difficult act. Prepare your psyche and ego for this.

  • It's just s**, and s** is fun. it should be fun, otherwise birthcontrol would not exist. i know its a complicated situation, but you should resolve what kind of feelings you have towards your wife. and decide what you want in life. because you may want to have them both. you know the steady, comfy home and the hot sweaty s**... but you cannot keep people on the blind. she, your wife deserves to know you are cheating. she has a decision to make. but first you need to decide yourself which path is more deserving of your devotion. what makes you happier and more at ease with who you are is the right decision. and i understand how it feels when you can't even think because of the sexual attraction, but it goes away. it goes away after a while. sooo, what is more valuable to you: a few beautiful and sexy moments or a full-time companion ship in life. either way is ok. just decideeee

  • I am a man. I used to cheat. It will come out and you will regret it. Keep lying to yourselves.

  • Your "girlfriend" is using you to degrade and humiliate your wife! She has control over you alright and would not hesitate to destroy your marriage and your social life if you were to try and break off the relationship!

  • The above is the only accurate - and true - comment regarding this original post. The mistress is manipulating you to her own ends and purposes, and cares nothing for you. If you think this dangerous and edgy behavior of hers is powerful now, wait until she decides to mess with you, instead of your wife, and then you will understand how wrong what she's doing is. And then you'll be a very sorry human being, but it will be far, far too late to apologize to your wife for the way you are treating her now, or to make her understand just how deranged and abusive the mistress is: trust me when I tell you, your wife will never understand, much less accept, that the misery you and your girlfriend are heaping on her at present was something that the other woman dreamed up alone. By that point, your goose will be, as they say, fully cooked. You need to get away from this crazed w**** you're f******, as far and as fast as possible. Infidelity is about discretion and private intimacy, and in that setting, can be delicious and delightful. But if this b**** turns her sights on you (and your job, and your standing in the community), your life will be as over as your marriage. Separate yourself from this pending disaster, as cleanly and as quickly as possible.

  • Gosh. i don't know if you people understand the marriage the way i do. Its a promise to be solely dedicated to one singular person, no matter what the struggles or ups or downs. regardless of how whether you think you've lost a spark or whatever. if you aren't willing to commit to that then i can't call what you have a marriage. on top of that, why are you being so cruel to your wife? going behind her back? betraying every promise you made during your wedding? divorce her. please. if you do love her you would give her a chance to find someone who isn't such a d******* and gets off to the thought of destroying her trust. oh, and f*** you.

  • I don't know about you, but my marriage vows never included "and to have s** with you and no one else, till death do us part"

  • Obviously you dont love your wife or you would be happy just f****** her you arsehole

  • Loving your wife doesn't do anything to lessen your sexual attraction for other women. In fact, the longer the relationship lasts, the more attracted you are to other women. It's true of all men, good or bad, and anyone that doesn't think so is in a dream world and has never been in a long term exclusive relationship.

  • You are so right! I love my wife more than anything. I think she is beautiful, sexy and great in bed...but so are a lot of other women. Sometimes you need different things. There are times i want to play with larger b****** and sometimes smaller. Sometimes I need a blonde or a readhead. Different vaginas feel good in different ways. As much as i love my wife i can't imagine only feeling her b****** or touching her body or feeling only her p**** around my p**** for the rest of my life. Plus the thrill of meeting someone new and the excitement and heartbeat that comes from raw l*** can't sustain with the same person forever. It wouldn't be fair to settle for monotony.

  • I agree with you 1000%

  • Me too. Perfectly explains why most men cheat.

  • Then maybe you shouldn't have gotten married? Or maybe you should let your wife start f****** other dudes and see how that makes you feel. If you're okay with it, then NO you're not in love. You obviously don't know what love is if you have no problem doing such a horrible thing. Wouldn't be fair? Is it fair that you cheat on your wife while she's completely clueless? You're just a selfish pig. Marriage means nothing to people anymore, it's actually quite sad. Oh well, karma is a b****.

  • New York Times scientific Study:

  • You are completely wrong. You can be in love with someone and still l*** for others. I believe some people can even be in love with multiple people in different ways. How can you say that natural feelings are wrong and horrible. No matter how loyal a guy is, if he is straight he will always look at, fantasize and m********* to other woman. That is pure biology. To deny it would be lying to yourself about human nature. Even if you look to the bible, this simple fact is reinforced. The first commandment is to be fruitful and multiply. This could not be accomplished adequately with just one woman. Abraham had 3 wives. Jacob had two wives and two mistresses who bore him children who went on to become tribes of Israel. Moses had at least two. King David had 7, one of which he married only after getting her (a married woman) pregnant, then trying to get her husband to sleep with her to cover it up. The child of that union was King Solomon. I don't know where your morality comes from but it is not from biology and it is not from religion.

  • Well put.

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