Should I even bother any more?

I have been working with computers for the past 10+ years, and I'm two classes away from completing an IT degree. But the problem is, I've realized that I'm probably not the best match for my career. The truth is, I'm not very logical/mathematical, and my memory sucks. I feel like most of what I've managed to do has merely been a combination of luck, intuition, and good research skills. And I SUCK with Windows 7, and will probably suck even more with Windows 8, because nothing past XP makes any sense to me. On top of that, I'm comfortable with Linux, but I'm not really proficient with Linux either. I feel like I'm all washed up... I can't even think of any projects I would like to do any more that would help me build my skills... and I'm getting a degree that specializes in networking, but I can't even figure out net blocks (subnet masks). Not to mention I feel like as computers get easier to use/as there are more programs that do a variety of things, I just get dumber and dumber.

The only thing I have going for me right now is the fact that I run a popular Linux blog (probably popular due to my good writing skills more than any kind of proficiency in Linux) and all my IT instructors so far have had nothing but praises for me and tell me I show "promise".

Should I even bother with this? And if not, how do I scrap my entire work history and a degree for something else?

Nov 25, 2012

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  • Just the fact that you "know what you don't know"
    puts you far ahead of the curve. True in every field and often the mark of an expert. You're probably plateauing a bit, and that's ok.

  • It's pretty normal to have doubts about what you're studying or even what you can do with your degree once you get it. To be so close to a degree, seems that it would be ashame to not complete it. And lots of people get degrees and never work in their field of study. Maybe you need to look at what you enjoy and what you're good at; instead of what you don't and see if you can pursue or create a career in that direction. Or even take some time off, get a job in whatever you can and maybe that will lead you to something else. You can always go back to school and get a masters or certificate in something else should you choose to go back to school. Being a student, you could be in a good position to test the waters in something different by taking an entry level job or an internship somewhere. Like the commenter below..speak with a professor or even a counselor to help you get redirect your goals. For your resume, just concentrate on your positives and what you want to do/like to do..not the experience you don't want to pursue. Sometimes you have to customize for the position you're seeking. Go speak with someone at the career center on campus, if there is one available.

  • Talk to a professor(s) you trust. Don't make any sudden decisions. Ignore the comment from the idiot below.

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