My cousin looked at me

I was using the bathroom. I was doing number two while visiting my grandparents. In my grandmothers restroom was a hole between the door jamb and the wall. My sweet old grandmother had stuffed a rag in this hole. If you were able to see into this hole you could see anything in the restroom.

Ok I was finishing up when I saw the rag being pushed out of the hole. I knew my grandmother was outside so it could only be one other person.

It was my slightly younger girl cousin.

Ok knowing she was looking at me and knowing since she was an only child she had probably seen male genitals.

I made sure she saw everything. I stood in front of the hole with my pants down showing her my p**** and testicles. I could actually see her eye looking at me.

I wagged back and forth and my privates were dangling. I got hard and masturbated in front of her.

I cleaned up and dressed.

She acted weird the rest of the visit.

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  • She probably cannot believe how small that so called c*** is of yours

  • Bollocks you f****** b******!

  • Lying little w*****.

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