Stepsons rule my life

Wjen i met my wife ten yeats ago i loved her and her sons with everything i had. Jjer ex husband jas done everything in his power to tear them away from
Y life. My wife let the boys go live with there dad to ease things in our home. Now therr dad is in prison.the boys and i had a good relationship until the father syarted brain washing the boys to hate me. The oldeast boy gave my wife an ultimatum. Leave me or he will never speak to her again. She lasted 6 months then broke down. She and our daughter live with her mother and she only gets to see them twice a month.she and i are miserable away from each other and my family is broken. I try to be supportive and stand behind her. But it is hard not to hate this boy. He is old enough and knows what he is doing. So what do i do now?


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  • Intensive family counseling is needed for all involved. Especially since your wife is passive, bio dad is absent and this kid doesn't respect you at this time. You need an outside influence to encourage dialog. Also, stop letting this kid manipulate what happens in this family. The dad is in prison, chances are he is just hurt by the fact that his dad is not present in his life. You and his mother must stand in a united front. Show him love, encourage him but do not give him as much power to rule the family the way he is. No one is a winner in this scenario.

  • Offer him love, and kindness. obviously his father can't do anything like that now that he's in prison. Act like you love him the way you used to. Kill the hatred with kindness. send him gifts, letters, and nice voicemails on holidays and let him know you're not there to replace his father, though he is a deadbeat.

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