I Hate Little Boys

Some people say this jokingly, but I truly hate little boys. They’re loud, aggressive, hyperactive, and did I mention stupid? (Seriously, little boys are dumb as rocks). My daughter is seven. Starting in pre-k she started getting bullied by little boys in class. We tried everything to get them to stop. Little boys are stupid And narcissistic. Anyway shortly before my daughter turned four, a whole group of other 3 year old boys were shoving her around. Except before I sent her to school, I gave her a little advice. I said: “Sweetie, between their legs, boys have very soft, small, vulnerable boy parts. They’re nothing like anything on your body. If you hit a boy in his boy parts, he’s going to fall down and cry, and I want to do that to any boy who bothers you.”

Well, next day I get the phone call that about 5 male preschoolers had been kicked in their boy parts by my daughter and spent most of the class curled up crying. Some of the boys moms supported my daughter and me. Most of them said that if their sons were being bothersome, they deserved it.

I will end with this: I hate little boys. I feel literally absolutely zero sympathy for them as they’re curled up in a ball, rolling around the ground crying and clutching their parts after they p*** of my daughter. More than my own hatred of boys, though, in talking to the mothers of the little boys she kicked, basically every one of them didn’t want a boy. Not one, but two moms actively were upset they had sons. So, in conclusion, I’m not exaggerating. I truly despise little boys and I think it’s HILARIOUS when an obnoxious little boy ends up bawling his out on the floor after having my daughter nail him in the boy parts.

Apr 29, 2020

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  • I could help your little girl by putting me as the submissive w**** of the cruel little boys, they would humiliate me, dominate and I would end up being raped by them, I would give the boys' beautiful penises the best possible blow, make them happy and excited whenever they wanted to use me to target bullying or suck their beautiful, fragrant and delicious c**** i would be ready to obey them.

  • What's more, if your little girl is repressed angry at boys, I'm a submissive but I have a pee-pee and b**** that your little girl can kick, pinch, squeeze and use my little sausage as her punching bag.

  • You're totally right to hate boys but you have to simply control them by their little b****. My mom told since I was little to kick boys in their b**** whenever the start to annoy me or making me mad. She told me not to stop until I feel silicified and free of my rage. This is how I treat all the boys I ever met and it works. They learn not to do things that get their b**** hurt and I can relax after blowing of some steam and continue happily with my day while the naughty boy will have a bad day and can regret having done whatever has made me mad.
    If you do it to the boys in your life they will actually learn something and start becoming nice or at least less annoying. I must say some girls are even worse than boys since I can't get my anger off on them like on boys. I tell you sometimes I wish some girls had a pair of b**** to teach them a good lessen.

  • Don't take your Man-hatred out on little boys, that's hardly fair. Evil little girls exist and evil little boys exist and perfect angels of both sexes exist and everything in between. You know this, so quit being a H8R. Set a good example for your daughter.

  • Any particular reason you needed so badly to repeat your tired old bullshit twice? Did you forget how to count or something, what with all the chemicals those nice men in the white coats give you?

  • OP is right. Little boys suck. I have one. I would NEVER do it myself, but after my son (age 3) and daughter (age 6) started arguing and he accidentally poked her in the eye, she kicked him square in the b****. He fell down and bawled his eyes out for quite some time. Being three, he’d obviously never got his boy parts hurt. He started it, so she didn’t get in any trouble. I had a talking to with my son: “You have to be nice to and agree with girls or else you’ll get kicked in your private parts. If you ever make a girl mad at daycare and she kicks you in your private parts, you’re going to be really embarrassed rolling around, clutching your privates and crying in front of all your new friends. And I won’t take your side”

  • God girls are pathetic idiots.

  • OP loves talking to herself. Lol

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