My buddy has a real hot sister, but

My buddy has a real hot sister, but she's also a real b****. She never liked me for some reason, I don't know why. Not that long ago I was dating one of her friends and I guess she didn't approve of it so she worked her evil magic and before I knew it we were no longer together. I know she was the cause, she pretty much said it without actually saying it. This really had me p***** off as you could imagine, especially because her friend was hot too, and I really liked her...well that was my mistake there. So anyway, I was spending the night over at my buddy's place the one time and the b**** wasn't there. I was still awake in the middle of the night when everyone else was asleep and I went into her room and started snooping throught s***, just because. Curiosity I guess. I didn't really come across anything too interesting until I sat down at her computer. It was already on and when I opened Internet Explorer it went right to Yahoo. I noticed she was still logged in so I figured I'd snoop through her e-mails too. It was all just garbage I didn't care about, nothing I could get revenge on her with. And then, GOLD MINE,,,,,,I opened her photos folder and browsed through some more garbage until I finally found the good ones, oh yeah, the ones she probably took to tease or surprise her man with then never deleted them, and probably kept telling herself she was going to, LOL. Well honey, ya should've! There were only a few "dirty" pics, but they were good ones, REAL GOOD. I really couldn't get over what I had come across, it was like winning the revenge lottery, and even though I hate the b**** I can't deny that she's smokin hot and looks even better naked. So, I went ahead and got my revenge lol. I sent her naked ass to every contact in her address list, then I sent the pics to my own e-mail and later distributed the money shots to everyone I know also. So, I hope you're happy b****!!! You only got what you deserved.

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  • You should have threatened to send them to everyone unless you got bj

  •'re my hero

  • Damn! Yeah, that's rough dude. Poor girl.

  • I smell bullshit. . ..

  • Revenge is best served cold!!!

  • did u show her brother that would be really good

  • All I can say about that is.......AWESOME

  • You are probably over the girl you broke up with, right? But you've probably ruined this girl's life by doing what you did. I don't agree with your actions one bit. You definitely took things too far. Maybe you're a real a****** and she was just doing her friend a favor by giving her a head's up and telling her what kind of person you really are, that's what friend's do for one another. Now this poor girl most likely has to face some of those people on the daily basis, knowing they have seen her in a way they never should. Also, as if this cruel stunt wouldn't have been disgusting enough without this, you say you sent her private photos, the ones you had no business finding in the first her family!!!!! What the !@*# were you thinking?!?! I hope you wake up and realize what you did is terribly wrong, and I'm not sure if it's even possible but you must do whatever it takes to try and make it up to the girl that you victimized like this.

  • Nice revenge...that's what the b**** gets for breaking you and gf up. F*** her!

  • yeah that was a little harsh

  • ^^^Where would be a good spot to post them?^^^

  • No, she went too far/// When she found out...what could she do? She was mad as h***, but now maybe she'll think twice/// I hope I die too...someday...just not anytime soon./// Quit laughing at someone hoping I die/// Like I said, despite being a c*** she's I'm sure some of the guys in her contact list were pleasantly surprised...maybe even some girls too, you never know./// I sent them to EVERY contact in her address yes, her family received them as well. Sucks for her, payback's a b****!

  • You didn't send them to her family now did you?

  • Well, LOL, if anyone she knows ever wondered what she looked like in the nude....

  • ^^LOL^^

  • i hope you die

  • Hot. Post it somewhere so we can all view.

  • what'd she do when she found out?

  • LoL how embarrassing that would be! I think you went a little too far

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