For You

I wish I could hug some of you or give a word to brighten your world. If only "trolls" didn't exist.
I wish I could tell the dad who last year spent time w/ his son making greeting cards for the people in the apartment complex he works at, that I know he exist, because he wanted to be noticed in his building and they were returned to him.
I wish I were in your family and could call you to invite you to my house for Thanksgiving and we would spend time talking about silly things and sad things. I wish I could wrap you in my arms stopping you from cutting and confessing my love to you. I wish I could make you pain go away and tell you it's going to be fine and you would believe me. I wish I could show you how a man is supposed to treat a woman and show you love. I wish I were there when your dog died and he was all you had left of your now diseased dad. I wish I was there when those people called you a lesbian, gay, fat, stupid, worthless and etc., and I would shut them up. I wish I could be your superman and tell you you are not worthless and you wouldn't doubt it again. I wish I could laugh with you, cry with you, love you, But I can't. Although, your name is anonymous I know you are here. Even though I will never meet you I care about you. Although you might end your life. I will miss you. And even though you won't take my message as serious I leave it here for you to return and read it because you know I speak the truth.
To You
from Me.

Dec 2, 2012

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  • If only people posted actual confessions and didn't use this site for attention wh0ring, lying, indulging their one obsession to the point that it's their world, barfing up "poetry", or just being idiots.

    If only.

    If only.

    If only.

    Until then (and trust me, that day will never come), STFU about "trolls". Some people are, yes. But whiners like you lump EVERYBODY who doesn't agree with you in there, so take your medicine and smile while you do it!!

  • "If only trolls didn't exist" - Anonymous

  • Your love and compassion gives me hope :)

  • OP, you're failing HARD.

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