Good girl gone bad

I've always been the good girl, the one that pleases everyone and stays out of trouble. at 17, i just want to be a teenager and do something stupid for once, even if it's just once.
i have a thing for a music teacher (i go to a fine arts school). i was a crew member for a play that he was a musician for and we got along really well and talk whenever we see each other at school. right now, i'm tempted to get his attention and keep it.
i just want to flirt with him, and if i'm lucky, make out with him. i won't go further, since i know i'm pushing it already with that. but i don't know how to do that, as much as i want to.

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  • You will absolutely make his day. Enjoy yourself. Just don't brood on it after if it does not work out the way you imagined. At 17 hormones and imagination are all over the place. Enjoy the ride. In all ways.

  • Why cant all girl be complete s** freaks that just want to get in a mans pants this would make life easier for alot of us

  • Because some girls or for that matter some people, can think for themselves and are not afraid to choose what pleases them, brings them happiness or what is right for them, while the others are just happy to follow societies negative beliefs and condemnation about such relationships, sexual attitudes or personal preferences.

  • Not only could the teacher lose his job, he might go to jail, and is likely to both be a registered s** offender forever and never allowed to teach again.
    You should try something wild if you want, its normal and natural. Just pick someone who won't get arrested if you get caught.

  • Nothing wrong with a young lady wanting s** and attetion from an older man, in fact it's a perfect combination so just get out there and start out by flirting and maybe he'll catch on to your lead, hanging around him showing interest in conversation especially when no one's around, smiles with desire in your eye contact, innocent bushing of his hand or body when close or handing something to him are just a few thing you can try..

  • He's clearly interested in you, he's proved that to your satisfaction, so all you need to do now is put yourself in his presence as often as you possibly can, talking to him, flirting with him, touching him, but always around on the edge of his consciousness, letting him think of you as a part of his life and not just a student at his school. The interest he has in you will blossom into something warmer, deeper, and more intimate. What you want with him isn't stupid and it isn't wrong, so stop thinking of it that way and start thinking of him as someone you're going to be with. The holidays are a perfect time, and a perfect excuse, for getting closer and being nicer (think of something you can get him for Christmas, before school lets out), and even for the occasional kiss on the cheek......or whatever else he presents to you for kissing (use your imagination as to what you might want to kiss). Go for it, and don't take "no" for an answer. Before you know it, making out with him won't be sufficient, and you'll be getting from him exactly what you want from him but don't want to say here. Good luck to you, honey!

  • You're young and thats an understandable attaction you have for an older man but make sure thats what you really want before you jump into it, consider all possible consiquences of your actions and if you're willing to accept and deal with any of them in a mature way then I say go for it.

  • You're 17, so depending on where you live you could get him in trouble.

  • I endorse this misbehavior. I wouldn't recommend doing anything really dangerous, like having s** condom-free, but you've got a right to a s** life of some sort, and if you think he's a basically decent human being, he might be a pretty good place to start one. Try your luck, improve your game, see where it takes you. Good luck.

  • OP advice giver here. I thought that this guy was a fellow student. If this guy's a teacher, you might want to reconsider. If he's a fellow student, that might not be a bad thing, but the guy could lose his job if he gets caught, and, since you're in very different life situations and he's in a position of authority here, it'll be difficult for you to trust his motives. Age differences can work in relationships, but because he's a teacher at your school, the range of really positive outcomes here is limited. Is there someone your own age you get along with who might be a better choice?

  • Evil advice. Don't

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