As a young boy age 7 I was made to wear girls clothes

Shortly after I had my seventh birthday me and my twin sister had to go to live with our aunt. All was OK it came to me going to bed I my mum and dad let me just sleep in my shorts. When my aunt came into the bed room she so I only had my shorts on and said come on get your pjs on I told her I don't wear them only shorts to this she said on I not have you only wearing shorts to be I said OK I put a t/shirt on to this she replied No so I said well that all I got to she then turned to my sister and asked if she had brought more than One of her Nighties to which she she said yes. My aunt told me I would have to wear that I was not happy but once my aunt had spoken that was it no backing down.So I had to wear one on my sisters Nighties this was OK as not one else would no.

After a few days had gone by my case with my clothes in was getting empty one morning I got up and went to look for some clean underpants my aunt came into the kitchen and asked me what I was looking for why was I not dressed I said I looking for clean underpants ! she said o sorry I not washed yet as the weather been bad. She said I have to wear a some on my sisters to which I told her no way I got school and I got gym. After a few seconds I knew it was no good saying no as my Aunt would win in the end so I had to wear my sisters knickers to school.

Well when I came to gym class and getting changed I had forgot that I was wearing my sisters knickers. I was in the changing room just as I took of my shirt I remembered I was wearing my sisters underwear I froze and tried to make to the toilet cubicle but on my way our teacher cam in and shouted at me where you going I tried to say going to toilet but he said no get changed and get in the gym well my heart sank as I knew all the outer boys would see my what I was wearing. As they has flowers all over them well I tried to take my shorts of with the knickers at the same time but just as I thought I got away with it the boy next to me spotted them I thought god he going to say some thing but he did't

When I got home I asked my aunt if she done any washing she said no my heart sank as I knew I have to wear my sisters clothes again.

Over the next few days I ended up wearing more and more of my sisters clothes she had brought lots more than I had.

The weekend came and my aunt did some washing I thought good I going to have my own clothes back to wear well that did not happen as my aunt only washed her clothes and my sisters not mine so the next week I ended up wearing my sisters clothes every day this went till I was 17 and got a job away from home.

As a result even now I still wear knickers and a nightie but that all every thing else Is men's

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  • I was made to wear girls knickers to school by my auntie when I was a boy , at the age of nine. My case got lost and I had only the clothes I was wearing so the first night she bathed me and put me in one of my younger cousins nighties, she was quite strict and as I tried to object she told me I would also be wearing one of her dresses and a pair of her knickers the following day so I had better get used to it. Auntie told me she was going to phone my mommy and get her to send some more clothes for me. I was embarrassed as my nighty was short and every time I bent down my little peepee peeped out, it was humiliating asking her for a pair of pants and as she came back she opened a girls pull-up and held it for me to step into. She made me wear these pull-ups every night with my nighty after she had bathed me and even going as far as putting baby powder on me then putting the pull-up on me nappy style before sitting me up to put my nighty on me. I was sent to school with my younger cousin in a pair of her grey shorts, a blouse of hers and a pair of her maroon knickers. I got teased by the boys of the class because they knew the shorts were girls ones, they had a zip on the side

  • I'm a boy I love wearing girls knickers and panties ilove pink ones white ones ilove girls undies all boys should wear panties anybody wants to see mine you can ilove to flash my panties

  • Yes I wear girls clothes mot of the time too. I can't sleep without a nightie. I have been trapped in girls clothes since i was eight and have loved every day of it.

  • I too wear a nightie and panties

  • I'm a boy ilove wearing girls school uniform pleated skirt with cute undies underneath white ones under my skirt ilove girls school uniform ilove to flash my panties id love to have my panties pulled down by someone any guys want to see my panties any boys

  • Yes please

  • Do you want my panties

  • You can see mine whenever you want you can see them

  • Do you want my email you can see mine whwnever you want

  • You can email me and you can see my panties do you want my email

  • So do I and have since I was 14 now 51

  • I feel bad for you man you should have called your parents or something

  • I was thinking about the same too

  • I would love to wear girls clothes mostly bras and skirts and bikinis

  • Hot

  • Sounds like your aunt had secret thoughts of what you looked like in girl clothes, she wanted to make you a trap, but knowing she wouldnt get away with that she did it with underwear

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