I want to seduce her

I am a black man in my mid 40s.I work with this one nurse;tall,slender,always punctual to work,very meticulous in her ways,does not talk much,awesome smile,born of hispanic dad and white mom,no kids,has boyfriend.
I never used to have an interest in her till about two months ago.I only see her for 30 minutes or so during change of shift;she works late night shift.
I adore this woman.I am sure I am older than she is.I chat with her few words here and there and she responds well.I wanna seduce her but I feel a little guilty because I had another co-worker tell me that she has a BF and I heard her mention something about her BF last week.But I really could marry this woman.I imagine she will be a great wife and make very beautiful looking kids(she has already told me she wants 2 kids).I am not obsessed,but I think about her a lot. Two days ago I was having s** with this other woman and all I could see was my co-worker.
I am thinking of asking her to meet me for breakfast after work,but am worried she may say no.I want to buy her a Christmas gift(like earrings or something),what if she does not accept it? What if she is not into black men and older ones at that?
Somehow,I think and feel that I deserve her more than her boyfriend...whom I know nothing about.I am going to seduce her,though I am not sure how,and just have fun.If she lets me,I know I will want to marry her;she is so adorable and sexy!

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  • Do it...I used to work in an office building, and ran into cute women all the time. One, a very hot, petite woman from an insurance company, would chat with me all the time. We had lunch a few times, but, since she wore a ring, I thought she was married. Turned out, she wasn't.

    I still wasn't sure how to go about making the leap from lunch and office friend to..More. Ran into her at food store one weekend, and she looked even better in comfy clothes than she did skirt and business attire. She ended up inviting me to her son's band (not really his..he was young, and a blues band let him sit in sometimes) event. That was what we needed to relax, be our non-work selves, and figure out we'd wanted each other for months.

    Only lasted a year or so, but, still worth it.

  • What-ifs are a dime a dozen. Ask her and find out. At least you will know if she wants to have breakfast with you.

  • Am gonna ask her next week.I am afraid she may say no,but at least I will know where I stand:)

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