Best new years ever.

My wife and I have been married going on 18 years, I am sure not a month has passed that I haven't made some comment about a threesome, In the beginning I probably thought it might actually happen but even though I still try I had pretty much conceded defeat thinking any possibility was long gone.
New years eve my wife and I partied hard while the kids were at her moms, My wife has never been really into drugs but that being said she has smoked up a bit and did try E a few times before we met, Late into the night, well after midnight her and her best friend obtained some from an apparently reputable source (Yeah right) but they were determined to have a flashback to their college days, thinking I would probably get laid I didn't protest too much and within an hour we were in a cab on our way home, My wifes friend was staying with us since she lives two hours away and is divorced for the last three years and had just came down for new years, Her friend is a good looking girl who is a bit chubby with big b**** and my wife is slimmer with small b****.
Not much happened until we were at home but as soon as the door closed my wife was all over me, We ended up on the couch kissing and groping and it probably took about five minutes before we realized her friend was still there watching us, She motioned her friend over and I swear you could see my heart start beating so hard I thought I was going to have a heart attack.
My wife's friend sat on the other side of me and her and my wife leaned over me kissing in front of me, I have seen my wife kiss other girls playfully but never like that, My wife leaned back and looked at her friend and said "Yeah?", Her friend said "yeah" and with that they stood up and went into the bedroom, I followed and stood beside the bed still in shock that my wife and her best friend were laying on the bed making out, As soon as they started taking off each others clothes I joined in still apprehensive that it was going to happen but wanting it to get as far as possible.
my wife was on her back with her friend over top of her on her hands and knees, As she undressed my wife I undressed her, I undid her jeans and she wriggled her hips helping me pull them down, her round bum looked great in her thong, Sticking out and begging me to shove something in it, I rubbed her through her panties and she was almost instantly wet, They let me help out undressing both of them and soon they were both naked, they were staying above the waist but there were lips and hands everywhere.
I have a big c***, Not bragging but my wife has always told me I am by far the biggest she has ever had, I dropped my pants and stripped down, I was standing behind her friend licking and rubbing her and had a finger in her when she sat up and sat on the edge of the bed, My wife sat behind her cupping her big b**** and kissing her neck, I stood in front of her and she said "oh my frickin god", my wife laughed and she said "No, seriously...Oh my god", she looked up at me as she took it in her hands and my wife reached around her cupping my b**** and massaging them, Both my wife and her friend were breathing heavy as the stroked me, My wife took both hands and shoved them between her friends thighs and started rubbing her, First time she has ever touched another girl there, Her friend was grinding her hips and leaned in opening her mouth and started sucking me, After only a few seconds she sat up taking a deep breath and wiping her mouth saying "oh s***" as she grabbed my wifes hands pulling them out of her crotch, My wife shuffled back pulling her friend down onto her back then got on her hands and knees over top of her, They were sucking each others nipples and I dove between her friends legs, She has a nice p****, Plump, soft, bald lips, She tasted good and looked really nice, She grabbed me by the ears and pulled me up, I kissed my wife as she sucked her friends big floppy b**** and pressed my k*** against her friends p****, I leaned in and she was dripping wet but still so tight, It felt like my k*** popped into her and she let out a moan, I started working back and forth and my wife wrapped her hand around my shaft guiding me in and out of her, I watched as my wife straddled her friends face sat up, when she took her hand off my shaft I shoved my c*** as deep as I could in her friend, She tensed up and pushed me back taking her mouth off my wife just long enough to say "Too much, Too much", I went slower and not as deep for about three minutes before she bucked her hips and moaned "Oh god yesssss", I could feel her come and she got super wet, My wife got off her face and kissed her then laid down, I knelt between my wifes legs and shoved the whole thing on her making her take a sharp breath.
We spent the next two hours rolling around kissing, licking and f******, Her friend told us I was the only guy to ever get her off from just s**, we all stayed in the same bed kissing and touching all night, I don't even think we slept.
My wife now says she doesn't ever want to talk about it but hasn't said it wont happen again, Here's to hoping.


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  • My wife has a friend who is a bit thicker than her, Mostly in the thighs and ass but also has humongous b****, I have tried for years to get my wife to have a threesome with her but have never gotten further than feeling her up.

  • I thought you liked, your wife's cousin as well? Seems like you have some issues, within your marriage or you're just a child, with a "fictitious imagination using words like, humongous!"

  • Soooo... chubby chaser, eh? Look, I know you're trying your hand at erotica, bub, but this is the Internet, and there are way more graphic, vivid, descriptive, and hot work out there, and still use the same clichés, and every bit as unoriginal. And it's not even censored. And that's just for the boring written stuff. You stink. Maybe your fingers will fall off. Here's to hoping.

  • Lol

  • You do realize that she and her best friend will continue to hook up with out you. You'll just never know.

  • I doubt that, My wife would never be able to keep a secret like that, that much I know for sure.

  • Wow, that's hot. Did you bust in the friend? Has the friend contacted you and your wife afterwards? Your wife might have some regret that you and her friend shared such good chemistry.

  • We have discussed doing it again but it hasn't happened again yet.

  • Nice, I had a threesome with my wife 2 years ago, Also our first.
    Hasn't happened since but I am working on it.

  • Nice, I had a threesome with my wife two years ago, Also our first.
    Hasn't happened since but I am working on it.

  • Desperate to get a comment, aren't you!

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