Sisters naked

My wifes sister came to stay with us for a few days and one night while drinking wine my wife came up with the idea that they should go out for a bit, my wifes sister said she didn't bring any clothes for going out and she asked my wife if she had a dress she could borrow, My wife said "Oh I think we can find something", My wife told me that they were going to go "raid" the closet, I excused myself saying I was going to go to the garage.
My sister in law grabbed her overnight bag and I watched the two of them go into the bedroom and close the door then quickly went outside, I snuck up to the bedroom window which is almost never closed and since our back yard is very private we don't even have blinds, Just some sort of weird curtains that are apparently only for show and don't even close.
I had to stand on the brick planter under the window which was not ideal but I was able to peek in the window, I stood there and watched my wife lay a bunch of dresses on the bed saying "Something here should work", I watched her stand in front of the mirror holding up dresses in front of her as I stared at her.
She picked one and turned to face the window, Laid the dress on the bed, At that moment one of my long time dreams came true, I watched my wifes sister peel off her sweats showing off her multi colored bikini style panties, She turned her back to the window and I could see her beautiful, little, Firm bum.
I was staring at one of the most amazing bodies in this world standing with her back to me when she whipped off her shirt, and turned to face the window, She had on a big, Ugly white bra but her huge b**** filled it out perfectly and it looked like it was straining to keep them contained, She pulled the dress over her head and wriggled into it, She stood in front of the mirror, She burst out laughing and said "I don't think this will work" as she ran her hand across her ass, The dress didn't even come low enough to cover her perfect cheeks, Both girls laughed and my wife said "depends how much attention you want", her sister said "Not that much".
My wife stripped down and tried on a few dresses and it was super hot watching the two of them in their bras and panties (My wife in a thong) trying on clothes, My wifes sister finally chose a dress and put it on, She said "well...that wont work" She tried to adjust the dress but she couldn't get it to fit without showing her bra, She took it off and dug through her bag, My heart stopped when she pulled out a lacy blue bra and matching panties, She stood at the foot of the bed and the window and peeled off her panties, She stood up and I had a perfect view from only the length of the bed away, She keeps her p**** shaved and it is perfect, Looks soft, Smooth, Pink and her lips look great, She puled on her blue thong and then reached behind her back, She popped the clasp on her bra, Dropped it off her shoulders and let it fall on the bed, my heart melted as I stared at her huge, Firm looking t***, Freckly cleavage, Light pink areolae and big, light pink nipples, She cupped her b**** lifting them then letting them fall, I watched them bounce and then watched them jiggle as she bent over, Grabbed her matching bra and wrestled her big t*** into it.
She pulled her dress back on and still couldn't hide her bra, My wife said "Hold on, I might have something that will work", She rifled through the dresser and came out with a bra, She held it up and said "I know this one will work with that dress, I wore it to a wedding after I had the twins and my b**** were still huge, its not really pretty but fits low in the front", Her sister looked at the tag on it and said "Holy, You had DD's", My wife laughed and said "Once upon a time, Only while I was breast feeding though, Then they went away", Her sister dropped her blue bra and I couldn't take my eyes off her amazing t***, She wriggled into the bra my wife gave her and said "A bit tight but actually fits, What am I supposed to do with these though", my wife had taken off her bra and turned to face her sister, She was standing in front of the mirror and I could see her in the reflection as she folded down the flaps on the front of the bra letting her b**** fall out through the front, I watched both girls b**** jiggle as they laughed my wifes sister squished her b**** out through the flaps and said "I could wear it like this" and again both girls b**** jiggled as they laughed, She said I think i'll wear mine and took off the bra again.
I had my c*** out and had been stroking it since my wifes sister took off her sweat pants and watching her perfect ass and amazing t*** as she laughed and walked around topless was too much, I shot a load all over the flower bed and a few minutes later came a second time.
The girls got dressed and I went to the garage, they came in, My wife kissed me and they left.
My wifes sister has the greatest body I have ever seen and I got off once more after they left thinking about her.

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  • This sounds like a soft core p*** book I once read. Next

  • Mmm i want to here more about u c** in the c** in the flowerbed

  • Somehow you have time to write all this

  • Somehow you find time to j*** off while reading all this.

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