I like to expose myself to my wifes freinds

I have exposed myself to four of my wifes friends. The first was one of my wifes college friends, She had stayed at our house and my wife and i were sleeping naked i was 24 at the time and we had been married 6 months. my wife was pretty drunk the night before and in the morning her friend came in and called her name, She never moved and her friend came closer and called her name again, My wife still never moved, Her friend said i need to know where the phone is so i can call a cab. Knowing my wife was passed out hard i rolled onto my back and used my leg to flip the covers off me, I have a pretty impressive p**** (about 8 1/2 inches erect and thick too) I opened my eyes just enough so i could see her but still looked like i was asleep, I pretende to snore as she walked around to my side of the bed and stood there wide eyed and mouth open. She reached down and ran her finger along the bottom side of my rock hard c*** and then quickly left the room.

The second time we were sharing a cabin with my wifes little sister (17) and when we were drunk i got her to have s** with me and i left the door open and watched out of the corner of my eye as her sister peeked around the corner and watched me nail my wife from behind for about ten minutes then i pulled out and jerked off on her ass so her sister could see how big my c*** was, She stood there and watched me until i squeezed the last drop of c** out and then left the doorway.

The third time we were staying at her moms and i had gotten up and went to the bathroom at like 6 in the morning my wife is a heavy sleeper and likes to sleep till 10 am. I left the door open and took off my underwear. Her mom is very good looking and single so i knew no one else was there i laid down and waited, when i heard her alarm go off i got rock hard and pulled the covers back, as she walked past the spare room she stopped and stepped back looking into the room, I could hear her making coffe and when i heard her come back down the hall i got hard again, She looked into the room and stared at my c*** for a minute and then whispered "Holy cow" as she walked away i couldn't control my giggling and stood up, I waited till she was coming back down the hall and turned to face the door as she walked by she clanced into the room and stopped saying "Oh goodness i'm sorry" and closed the door taking a quick peek as she did.

two days ago my wife had brought her best friend home with her after the bar and i heard them come in so in the morning knowing that my wife would sleep till 10 or so and her friend was always up earlier than her i went to the livingroom and put in a dvd of one day at the lake where my wifes best friend was wearing a bikini and was being flirty shaking her ass and squeezing her big dd-cup b**** and shaking them at the camera, with a hand towel and lotion in hand i waited until i heard the door to her room open. With the volume muted and playing the ten or so minute clip of her i sat there and stroked my c***, I could see her reflection in window because we have the blinds which are inside the window. she walked up and looked over my shoulder and stood there until i blew my load, She then quickly stepped into the kitchen and i stood up and put the dvd away and walked to the bedroom, a minute later i walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water and she was still standing there and as i talked to her she seemed very distracted. lol.


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  • I once caused my wife's bestie to see a picture of my hairless, erect d***. She always looked at me strangely after that. I think she secretly wanted it but didn't want to s**** up her friendship.

  • I would love to be seen naked by my wife's friends. I'm not massive down there so would love for them to see me and laugh at my d***. I fantasise about the humiliation of being seeing naked and teased by gorgeous women.

  • I would like to watch them laugh at you and slap your little d*** until you got hard and squirted your load; only to have them make you eat all your c**.

  • My wife and I have an arrangement. If she runs into one of her girlfriends and is bringing her home she calls me to make sure I will be naked. The anticipation of being seen naked gets me hard so hopefully they will love it.L

  • What were their reactions when they saw you nude?

  • My wife and I have a similar arrangement and when they catch me naked there is a short awkward moment but they invariably come back for more visits. Most times we are able to convince them to get naked too and let nature take it's course. Anything goes as long as it is consensual

  • Only did this to one of my ex-wife's friends. Funny thing is, the woman was hot as h***, but an absolute b****, and I really didn't like her. Was just attracted to her tight blonde ass and body, so gradually worked on her. Came to our house one morning to pick ex-wife up for work, ex was in bathroom, so I unzipped and took out my bulging item. Told her "Belle..This is what you cause". She was shocked, but then gave me the sly, sexy look of approval.

  • If she was worth her salt, she'd have dropped on her knees and sucked the cream out of your stick.

  • I came home from work and the wife cooking dinner andhad her best friend over. I went to take a shower, and when I came out of the master bath drying off I saw her best friend sitting on the bed. I pretended not to see her and started to dry my hair. I peeked at her and saw that she was staring at my p****, which by now was semi-hard. I dropped the towel, and she kept looking, so I started to rub my c***. I was about 5' away from her, and even though I could hear my wife through the open door, I couldn't stop touching myself. Her friend was seated, staring at my c***, and I started j**********. With the door open I thought my wife could walk in any moment. This turned me on so much, plus her friend staring at me, I knew that I couldn't hold out any longer. I shot my load through the air, and it almost reached her friends lap! I cleaned up with the towel, but we never said a word to each other about it.

  • What a wonderful woman!

  • Why don't you grow some b**** and f*** some of these women already?

  • Then the thrill of exposing to a female friend of the wife would be over. More exciting like this

  • However, if you wanted to get divorced, s******* your wife's friends and relatives would be a good way to accomplish that.

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